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yeah in the taiwan food stands, they have deep fried food as well, including onion rings.
# 62
I went to thsi taiwanese special forces exhibit near chang Kai shek memorial hall and they even showcased US special forces from around the world.
# 63
^ Long story short: They sorta like to "mock" because they have a "thing" for me. That's all you need to know.
# 64
Is your blog still because I'm being told that's invite only now

yeah sorry about that, i only did that "invite only" to keep it a secret from another board that's been getting suspicious of me. Forgot to turn it off. I'll do that now.
# 65
^ No and no.
# 66
Return of Broly
# 67
^ 60 years? *cough* I'm talking about China as a whole from its entire history in this timeline we live in.
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Social/Off-Topic / Question about ethnic food
23-06-2013, 16:22:16 PM
what about steak, cheeseburger, hot dogs, pizza, apple pie, turkey, and mashed potatoes? what's more "american" or "white" than that as a cuisine?

did you know in Taiwan, we have steak with fried noodles and sunny-side-up eggs as a dinner?
# 69
I stayed at the dentist, but only my parents got checked up, not me. I just waited and watched a DBZ movie and Saints and Soldiers on my IPad.

Well you can read all about my taiwan trip on my blog.

Near Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, they had a joint Taiwanese Special Forces/US Special Forces Exhibition sponsored by Discovery Channel Taiwan.
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Social/Off-Topic / Question about ethnic food
23-06-2013, 15:26:34 PM
^ what do you define as "whiteman" food?
# 71
^ I went to many places in Taiwan and did many activities, i wouldn't know where to start off.

anyways, does anyone here know MOS Burger?
# 72
hey let's not wish my ancestral civilization gone okay?
# 73
Man for over two weeks, it's been quite the trip lol.

On my way to Taiwan, I saw several movies on flight: Jack the Giant Slayer, Good Day To Die Hard, Oz The Great and Powerful, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, Gangster Squad, and bits of Saints And Soldier (which I finished watching on my ipad at a dentist in taiwan)!

And on my way back here to NYC, I saw movies that I wanted to previously see on the beginning flight: Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed, Bullet To The Head, Live Free Or Die Hard, GI Joe: Rise of Cobra, Snitch, and half of The Last Stand (too bad my flight ended sooner than I thought).

I know the second and third sentences are useless info, but...

ask me anything.
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Social/Off-Topic / Question about ethnic food
23-06-2013, 07:14:14 AM
I love Tex-Mex!
# 75
tonight i'm going to be leaving for the 'port to Taiwan. see ya guys!
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