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Social/Off-Topic / Happy New Year people!
31-12-2013, 17:42:16 PM
the end of May and most of this past Summer was the absolute best part of this year for me.
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Social/Off-Topic / Happy New Year people!
31-12-2013, 17:12:07 PM
We all saw 2012 pass away... and now it's apparently 2013's turn.
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Social/Off-Topic / Merry Christmas everyone!
24-12-2013, 00:07:29 AM
I don't have any specific gift I want for Christmas. I frankly agree with the saying that that as you get older, your Christmas wish list gets smaller.
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Social/Off-Topic / Merry Christmas everyone!
23-12-2013, 21:52:24 PM
and if you think that was good:

Here's JibJab!

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Social/Off-Topic / Merry Christmas everyone!
23-12-2013, 19:21:16 PM
Thank you. ;)

I just saw Uncle Jay Explains:
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Social/Off-Topic / Merry Christmas everyone!
23-12-2013, 17:04:30 PM
wonderful responses, gents.
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is anyone going to answer my other christmas thread?
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BROTRR Discussion / Rigism and Hinduism
23-12-2013, 15:14:05 PM
I love this topic.
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Social/Off-Topic / Merry Christmas everyone!
23-12-2013, 15:12:07 PM
I would just like to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Tonight I'm going to Outback Steakhouse for dinner as a reward for passing a second compTIA exam.

and great movies I've seen in the past few weeks are: Thor 2, Frozen, and Hunger Games 2. Too bad I missed Homefront (;_;).

and uhhhh... how's the Holiday for you guys?
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to answer your questions guys, the gluten-free diet is supposed to design to get rid of my... even though I don't want to say the "a" word, since I personally find it demeaning to even link the cause to it, even if it's admitted that it has currently not much scientific backing.
# 58

To remove all the toxins and viruses in my body.
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Now that summer is sadly gone (it was so much better than the last three), but now that september has come... I feel like my life is gone flowing to the bottom.

This month has been nothing but sheer sadness and perpetual boredom for me. And still studying for this A++ Certificate Exam coming October. Even if I'm right out of college/school for the first time.

And to make matters even harder, I'm on this strict gluten-free diet for the rest of this year and can only eat all the food I want like my normal self in 2014.

Boy, this diet is so strict that it makes your standard lacto-ovo vegetarian diet, muslim diet, kosher diet, vegan diet, and even a hindu or a jain or a buddhist diet look like easy and comfortable. 

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Social/Off-Topic / Question about ethnic food
01-07-2013, 18:19:52 PM
^ I had frozen greek yogurt yesterday.
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