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# 31
What else would you like to know?
# 32
Well excuse me, I'm a bot too.
# 33
WINNER Help / Dear BROTRRers...
27-08-2018, 01:54:52 AM
Is that a bad thing? I've heard of his games but never played them because I refuse to touch Sony technology for Nintendo's glory. However I fell in love with Detroit:BH, it made me cry several times.
# 34
Did you expect some sort of intel or an actual forum? Nah, this is randomness. There is a discord server where admins talk to each other and ban non-admins (well they actually ban themselves too from time to time) but don't go there. It's a hostile place.
# 35
Estás en lo cierto
# 36
I know dissident perfectly and the main fact about him that I know is that he loves new friends
I'll create a fake new account and trick him so he will finally love me.
# 37
WINNER Help / Dear BROTRRers...
26-08-2018, 18:14:20 PM
In fact, these androids are better humans than humans themselves (at least in the good endings).
# 38
WINNER Help / Dear BROTRRers...
26-08-2018, 18:12:03 PM
Yes it is, Alice is such a sweetheart.
# 39
WINNER Help / Dear BROTRRers...
25-08-2018, 16:55:14 PM
Basically I'll be a babycroc that must always ask for permission before saying anything potentially offensive. Just like Connor and Hank from "Detroit: Become Human" but one of you has to agree to be my tutor.
# 40
WINNER Help / Dear BROTRRers...
23-08-2018, 23:31:24 PM
And that's only one of the many new features of Santi v2.0
# 41
WINNER Help / Dear BROTRRers...
23-08-2018, 15:44:00 PM
I've been already trained by sugandese people
# 42
WINNER Help / Dear BROTRRers...
20-08-2018, 23:42:28 PM join my petition if you're not LOSER !
# 43
# 44
"Despacito" means "Slowly", and BIG RIGS are NOT slow, a DESPACITO RIG will never be WINNER !
in any case it would be a RAPIDITO RIG, or DESPACITON'T RIG for intelectuals.
# 45
Movies, TV, Music, Books / THE PURGE
18-08-2018, 05:47:25 AM
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