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Feedback/Help / 2 Questions
17-09-2018, 07:06:07 AM
# 32
Thank you, omw to the drugstore
# 33
Speaking about drugs, what are the best pills to sleep? I don't want ones with side effects other than death.
# 34
BROTRR Discussion / Big Rigs 2
11-09-2018, 20:53:14 PM
Send Liberty Prime to erradicate all communist threat on american soil  :usa:
# 35
Social/Off-Topic / The girl of my dreams
11-09-2018, 20:52:05 PM
The more smelly the more tasty
# 36
My beloved BROTRRers; I'm very sorry if I hurted anyone with my autistic-like speeching (I doubt I did, but I want you to know it was never my intention). I may sound like an idiot (probably because I am, who knows) but I'm harmless. Maybe you don't take me very personal, but after all this time dwelling on this forgotten forum you've all somehow made it into my heart, that's why it felt so bad each time I got rejected, I didn't know if you were just taking a piss or if you got tired of me (that's actually a personal problem I have with everyone and it's a real torture). And Marakaate, if you're reading this I wanted to tell you that I miss being fine with you, I admit that I was angry but it was you who started by getting distant all suddenly, I couldn't feel anything but resentfulness. So please, can we just start over again?
That's all I wanted to say.
# 37
Again???? Hell no, I'll post it here:
# 38
Yes, you told me why I got banned but you never said anything about why you refuse to unban me even though I apologized for being mean to Maple and promised to never do it again.
# 39
What's the point of trying to be WINNER ! if you can't be part of the YOU'RE WINNER ! community?
# 40
I'm still considering to keep overdosing myself to end my miserable life. Even tasebot rejected me and nobody wants to explain me why they hate me so much, they just give me poo poo.
# 41
Making you think you could get unbanned from the discord server by using drugs. I should've listened to Sonic.
# 42
Then I overdosed myself for the second time in vain, right?
# 43
First overdose complete! I'll do another one tomorrow
# 44
# 45
I'll start right now!
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