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# 46
dude it's a dell
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Social/Off-Topic / O god please make me blind
06-02-2008, 17:49:17 PM
HWSNBN has released a video review of Midnight Race Club Supercharged, and needless to say I am disgusted
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Gaming / Europa Universalis 3
21-01-2008, 23:01:17 PM
All of you should get it so we can play multiplayer
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I went to go see Cloverfield with horseface, we took my car which still had my backpack with laptop inside in the back. We chilled with some friends until around 7:00 and went to see the movie at 8:15.  The movie was pretty good, but I hated the ending.  So after the movie was over I go to where I had parked my car and saw nothing.  My car had been stolen with all of my poo poo inside of it.  PRETTY AWESOME HUH
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Gaming / Pee ess triple
08-01-2008, 21:11:24 PM
When I access our the yourewinner on pee ess tripple *wipes ass with fiddy dollar bills* the horizontal scrollbar is not visible. Is this a PS3 problem (oxymoron) or would it be possible to make a compatible skin? Anyways it'd be quite nice if the site were more accessible on the most :ballin: console. YOU'RE WINNER! YOU'RE BALLIN'! <3

works fine on my pee ess pee?

Sounds like a ps3 problem

cool someone else has a psp
i only have one game and im going to "get" some more so suggest me some good ones
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Gaming / xbox circle gamer tags
04-01-2008, 23:57:05 PM
post your's or you aren't cool

mine's glabl flabl
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Social/Off-Topic / So I'm leaving for a week
25-12-2007, 22:55:51 PM
I'll be in New York with a friend so I'll see you upstanding African-American member of societys later
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Social/Off-Topic / ATTN: EJ
10-12-2007, 23:52:20 PM
do you like my new avatar?
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Social/Off-Topic / Nice Footer thar EJ
02-12-2007, 17:54:04 PM
Thanks for showing the world that unlike our racist nemesis KKKlayotic, we support those different from us
# 55
25-11-2007, 13:29:53 PM
It's called freestyle street basketball and it's a street basketball MMO

Download it so we can all BALL IT UP
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Social/Off-Topic / ITT: I break 1000 posts
24-11-2007, 02:52:42 AM
every single post up until this moment has been a filler
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I like you guys
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Social/Off-Topic / OMG YES
21-10-2007, 22:17:23 PM
# 59
Social/Off-Topic / ITT: Supera
21-10-2007, 01:49:32 AM
ITT we put cool quotes from supera's blog, chats with him, and forum posts for everyone to enjoy

If you're a fan of all those classic Merrie Melodies/Looney Tunes cartoons, then I assume you should know that Bugs Bunny is just about "unstoppable" by regular standards. For the moves, I made them all up and the ones listed are not exactly limited to.

Bugs Bunny

Age: ???
Height: 4'10"
Strength level: Incalculable
Abilities: apparent super-strength, toon physics for physically impossible feats, tricks, Defies Reality, Seemingly unlimited weaponry, karate skills, acme force/magic incantations, dumb luck, persuasiveness and other means of verbal tactics, rabbit-hole as base, physical resilient defense, etc.
Moves: Box Balls, Hare Punch, Gnaw, Abracadabra, Hocus Pocus, AbracaPocus, Hocus Cadabra, Anvil Down!, Carrot Missile, Rabbit-Hole, Did Somebody Say Dynamite?, [Insert Here] Season!, etc.
Weakness: None; Overconfidence; The Gremlins; (See later sessions for details)

Daffy Duck

Age: ???
Height: 4'9 & 1/2"
Strength level: Incalculable
Abilities: See [Bugs Bunny's List] + Swimming + Manipulative Attitude
Moves: Angry Jab, Quack Quack!, Fists n' Flippers, Beak Bite, Abracadabra, Hocus Pocus, AbracaPocus, Hocus Cadabra, Anvil down!, Rock Through!, Whistle Here, Did Somebody Say Dynamite?, [Insert Here] Season!, etc.
Weakness: None; Gets pwned by Bugs all the time

Elmer Fudd

Age: Possibly 38
Height: 5'0"
Strength Level: Basic 7 lbs.
Abilities: Advanced marksman, shotgun and possibly possesses other arms, espionage, average hand-to-hand-fighter, Siegfried's Helmet (only in What's Opera, Doc?)
Moves: Straight Shot, Jab, Hookline, Elmer Fudd's variations of a normal punch/kick, SMOG! (A thunder attack when Sigfried Helmet is worn)
Weakness: Couldn't kill a rabbit like Bugs for crap;human limitations;ocassionally dumb

Yosemite Sam

Age: Possibly 40
Height: 4'7"
Strength Level: Basic 7 lbs.
Abilities: Advanced marksman, magnum and handguns, lasso rope, average hand-to-hand fighter
Moves: Rapid Fire, Cowboy Barrage, Jab, hookline, Yosemite Sam's variations of a normal punch/kick
Weakness: Couldn't kill a rabbit like Bugs for crap;human limitations;crybaby at times

Wile E. Coyote

Age: ???
Height: 4'8"
Strength Level: Basic 5 lbs.
Abilities: Master of Traps, Countless Sets of Acme Products, Genius-Level intellect,
Moves: Fly Swat, Bird Seeds Trap, Rocket Launch, It Stings Folks!, and any specific attacks attributed to the coyote's gadgets.
Weakness: Kind of physically weak; unbrightness; ineptitude; slow

Road Runner

Age: ???
Height: 4'8"
Strength Level: Unrevealed (Possibly Strong through momentum of speed)
Abilities: Super sonic speed, can travel at variably higher speeds, agility, dumb luck
Moves: Sonic Peck, Scratch, Wing Slap, Gnaw, Smash Dash, Whoopsies! (Dumb Luck attacks)
Weakness: Unrevealed

Speedy Gonzales

Age: ???
Height: 1'3"
Strength Level: Unrevealed (Possibly strong through momentum of speed)
Abilities: Super sonic speed, can travel at variably higher speeds, agility, intellect, some dumb luck
Moves: Smash Dash, Here's Some Cheese!, Blind Spin, Whoopsies! (dumb luck attacks)
Weakness: Unrevealed

Porky Pig

Age: ???
Height: 4'7"
Strength Level: Possibly basic 5 lbs.
Abilities: distractive skills, wise-cracking jokes, persuasiveness, physically resilient defense, dumb luck
Moves: Pie Smash, Oink Oink, Mud Throw, Jab, Hookline, That's All Folks!
Weakness: Apparently lacks of real strong offensive capabilities for slapstick and battles (save for a shotgun)

Taz the Tasmanian Devil

Age: ???
Height: 5'1"
Strength Level: Incalculable
Abilities: spinning is his specialty, gluttony, sonic speed, fierce attitude, dumb luck
Moves: Tornado Spin, Sonic Twirl, Uber-Tornado, Jab, Marsupial's Bite, Yum Yum!, etc.
Weakness: perhaps fasting; sometimes unstable terrains

Pepe Le Pew

Age: ???
Height: 4'5"
Strength Level: Unknown
Abilities: skunk spray, dumb luck
Moves: Stink Bomb!, Who Cut the Cheese?, Fumes, Smoke, etc.
Weakness: Deodorants; Breathmints; Taking Baths

That's all for now, folks.
# 60
Gaming / Best Webgame Ever
18-10-2007, 18:59:24 PM
The game never unicorning ends, so you can keep playing it. Like Shock said, it's fun to play with a friend on the phone to see how you both are doing and see what you can do different next playthrough.
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