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# 16
X cannot equal -1 because (-1)^2 = 1 and 1/-1 = -1.
# 17
FFmpeg does a pretty good job of degrading video quality. Just set the resolution and bitrate to really low and collect your poo pooty 2.5 MB video.
# 18
Announcements / 8 YEARS
15-08-2013, 14:56:32 PM
There currently exist no websites that are 30 years old.
# 19
You should make it contextually come up with something clever to say.
# 20
Adminiature Art Hour / Lady Gaga naked (NSFW)
15-08-2013, 14:25:10 PM
What's with her hair, why can't we see her vagina, etc. I prefer to jerk off to real porn.
# 21
Steev, you can draw the pornographic image. An animation would be even better.
# 22
This is a pretty good deal guys. Somebody's got to jump on this.
# 23
BROTRR Discussion / Big Rigs is WINNER!
14-08-2013, 03:15:40 AM
I have a serious question for trukfuker,

Do you actually fuk truks?

If so,  :bluerig:

No, but I fuсk truсks.

Now, where's my avatar?
# 24
oh yeah thunder is an asshole especially when you're nice to him :twisted:

Well, I did threaten to shut down his website, but since he doesn't like people being nice to him anyways then he had no reason to be a dick.
# 25
Kill Thunder.
# 26
then his forum,

it never works for me, but maybe it will for you

Okay. I left him a message there. It's too bad there's so much fetching spam.
# 27
I will throw in a couple thousand rigcoins because I want to see a trukfuker avatar happen
Thanks, Steev.
# 28
it's from something something railgun which is a really bad show

anyways your loss

Then you don't get any RigCoins. By the way, I am raising the pot to 800.
# 29
on mumble maybe

I'm not going to install that poo poo.
# 30
BROTRR Discussion / Big Rigs is WINNER!
11-08-2013, 01:39:41 AM
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