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# 16
As long as one person now believes I drive around in a truck wearing a cowboy hat, i'm satisfied with this thread.
# 17

@dissident in IRC "Diceman doesn't own a truck or a cowboy hat with crocodile teeth on it you know and he doesn't actually play cricket he's just a massive bullpoo pooter rofl rofl rofl rofl he doesn't actually eat pollo a la brasa in the back of his truck either"
# 18
Rename thread to dice man eats poo poo in his truck in shady neighborhoods picture blog
# 19
fetchibg 711 parking lots
# 20
poo poo the cops are here and they seem to e paying a lot of attention to me because I'm white in a not white place
# 21
It sure seemed like that story fIzzled out huh? I wonder where all the outrage is. I guess it just wasn't a big deal :twisted: :twisted:
# 22
Yeah it's not like they are proven to be more intelligent than land animals
# 23
I'm also pretty proud of this thread and how a simple story of a mundane market transaction has caused such quality discussion
# 24
You know what I love are theaenon-heterosexual persongots who say thu are vegetarian "but I eat fish" like fish aren't animals . U aren't a fetchibg vegetarian stop saying it!!!


Pretty sure only hipsters do this . Who's with me
# 25
I just took a pic of me eating pollo a la brasa in the bed of my pickup truck w my cowboy hat and cricket bat (in the ghetto) I'll upload it later invade dissident is running his mouth about me not having (xyz ) or suggesting I am a bullpoo pooter in IRc I will upload it for your enjoyment later
# 26
I think the suggestion that your knowledge is lacking comes from your assertion that Mexican markets are as good for lamb as halal butchers . But I can't speak for rowdy
# 27
They know me as admiral in there
# 28
Tgm island pride market on Rockville pike is the best chicken in dc tell the butcher David I sent u and also ask for a copy of his album
# 29
Social/Off-Topic / On off switch question
25-07-2013, 18:03:11 PM
I can't all of the fat kickball girls and his gay kickba buddies are here now
# 30
Social/Off-Topic / On off switch question
25-07-2013, 17:57:46 PM
Thx Ej I got it working now I can toy my ass at my own leisure (British pronunciation of leisure)
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