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# 31 record themselves saying the phrase "Updated My Journal."

I'd do it myself, but I don't have any other microphone except for the one that came with an old Soundblaster Live! card from the Devonian Period (it sounds like poo poo). Funny sounding phoney accents are a plus.

# 32
Not quite sure, man. I just kind of threw my games onto mediafire and kind of forgot about them. Most of my time now is split between trying to make enough money to pay my bills/feed myself and work on Big Rigs RPG without becoming burnt out (not from the game itself, but from life circumstances). You wouldn't happen to be from RPG Maker general, would you? If so, you can shoot me a message there. I walked out of my glorious soap factory job, so I'll have some free time for the rest of the week and will be lurking there. Did the dropbox link work for you?

Also, I recently found an old CDR with yet another Shaq Fu RPG 1 incarnation that I thought was lost. It includes several more boss fights including old Gamefaqs troll Nick Bush, two extra dungeons, and an extra town. I might release a "10 year anniversary edition" with the recovered content and extra bugfixes if I can will myself to do so.
# 33
I'll be happy to write dialogue for a character!

That sounds great, Diceman. Just upload a text file containing the NPC's text, a selection of responses that the PC can choose from, and the NPC's reaction to each response from the PC. The format itself doesn't matter too much; I'll find a way to implement it into a dialog tree. You'll be credited, of course. You can be anything you want in the game from a shop keeper to an agent for Gamespot Inc. to HWSNBN's right hand man (or woman). Again, no one has to do this if they don't want to but I'm pretty deep into the game at the moment. However, I still have quite a way to go. After the events in the demo (which will change radically in the final release), the game is totally open ended; the PC will not be able to complete all of the quest-lines during one play-through so all of the content is taking me quite a while to create. Also, I'm working 6 days a week now in a poo pooty soap factory so a lot of my free time has been eliminated. When this game is finally completed I'm hoping to be able to work on Shaq Fu RPG 3: The Nine Hells of Baator, but I need to take one thing at a time before I get overwhelmed. As far as the mapping goes, I've already created 300 areas (compared to 170 in SFRPG2) and I'm only about 70% done.

Also, someone posted that they had trouble downloading SFRPG2 from mediafire, so here is a dropbox link:

# 34
A lot of stuff has happened since I stopped by, but I'm still working on this game. My windows box was rooted due to my own negligence, an email address that I rarely use was temporarily comprimised, and I've been laid off of my job. Since I'm now drawing unemployment, Stell has decreed that I work on BRRPG full-time and I can do naught but follow.

I've been implementing dialog trees for important NPCs which is taking up a lot of my time. An example of one is here:

If there is a specific character that you want to write for (or if you want to be in the game), it would help tremendously if anyone interested could write the dialog for an NPC of your choice. You will receive credit along with Circus (who I'm crediting as the co-developer since he was the primary inspiration behind this project/created the premise) and DZ for his title screen. Again, it's not imperative that anyone write for the game since I'm doing it for fun on my spare time, but I don't think it's fair to to create a game centered around the forum without allowing the opportunity to contribute.
# 35
I am a regular (or at least used to be) at a Wikia site called Trollopolis Wiki. The address is; rather simple to remember, no?

As for the wiki's content, it's basically about anything. Internet stuff, funny stuff, and even made-up stuff is allowed. I made a couple articles about Big Rigs!

However, there is one problem: we have little-to-no visitors!

It would be awesome if we had an infusion of new creative talent into our wiki, so I am proposing an alliance between the two sites. Sounds good?

# 36
Gaming / Shaq Fu RPG2: Goatass Beckons
02-03-2013, 20:11:59 PM
Holy poo poo that looks amazing, I love the style of the old Fallouts and it's awesome you've managed to incorporate that

Thanks. I've spent the majority of the last few days improving the pathfinding and creating maps. I was thinking of having procedurally generated maps for the overworld, but they all look really ugly and were quite buggy so I decided to create them all by hand. All of the late 90s - early 2000s Black Isle and Bioware games were some of my fondest gaming experiences (they pretty much turned me off to JRPGs due to the more mature writing, character development, and sense of exploration). I'm no Chris Avellone (obviously), but BRRPG is heavily influenced by the games of that era.
# 37
Social/Off-Topic / Chili problem
02-03-2013, 19:52:01 PM
This seriously sounds delicious; I've made plenty of chili before but I've never bothered to add bakers chocolate and cinnamon to my recipe. I've scaled it up a bit and plan on slow cooking it (going to also feed it to my sister and her fiance if it's tasty). I just finished the prep and I'll report back with the result.


EDIT: We all just ate some and it was great. Thanks, Diceman.
# 38
Gaming / Shaq Fu RPG2: Goatass Beckons
01-03-2013, 00:55:48 AM
Though still buggy, here is what the world map will look like (anyone who has ever played the original Fallout games will instantly recognize the style).

The Windows cursor that my poo pooty recording software graciously included isn't overlaid on top of the game cursor during actual play. Also, I didn't click on any of the towns/locations because I only have six of them completed so far.

Edit: I'm going to upload a more complete version of this soon. However, due to my computer being compromised (I had known I was being snooped on for 8 months or so but since the intentions didn't seem malicious I did nothing about it), I hadn't had time to upload a new video. Also, the lamer(s) apparently knew my full name, admin password, all of my email addresses, etc so I have my suspicions. What was really telling is that there were no trojans, rootkits, keyloggers, or any other malware installed on my system. It was as if they already knew all of my information right off hand; perhaps it was an admin of a website or someone close to me.
# 39
Gaming / Dark Survival 3
19-02-2013, 13:18:33 PM
A bunch of us were on Mumble and we started bouncing around some game ideas. It's a first person shooter set in a dystopian future with RPG elements and an exciting soundtrack. Somebody came up with the name "Dark Survival 3" and we all agreed that it was a really cool and catchy name, so we all agreed that it would be the name of our game. We've been working on it for a bit and we're now happy to present the first official Dark Survival 3 screenshot.

It's still extremely rough, but we have some huge plans for it. We're going to start registering the domains and a few variants that people might accidently mistype such as and

Please let us know what you think, and if you have any cool ideas, let us know and we'll see if we can put them in the game. We'll keep you updated as the game progresses!

:stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp:
# 40
Gaming / Shaq Fu RPG2: Goatass Beckons
16-02-2013, 22:54:51 PM
Minimap is now in. Unlike SFRPG2, this one shrinks down the entire map instead of (uselessly) showing a diminutive version of the PC's line of sight. Since the HUD is pretty congested with all of the fields enabled, every portion of the HUD can be toggled via the F1 - F6 keys.

# 41
Gaming / Shaq Fu RPG2: Goatass Beckons
15-02-2013, 03:35:08 AM
I can play this on a nexus 7?

I was planning on it but not making much progress at all. However, I subscribed (aka gave $10 to the creator) to Engine001 a few days ago and I was assured that mobile support is coming.  Hopefully that happens because I have so many ideas for this game that I'm getting a bit over my head with them. I need to scale back a bit.

I've been making some progress on the minimap but I'm trying to find a simpler way of creating one outside of saving every map as an image, importing it as a sprite, shrinking it down, and then tracking the player's x/y coordinates on each individual map.

This new screen outlines what the majority of BRRPG will look like. The demo I released probably gave the impression that the setting of BRRPG was going to be standard medieval-fantasy but as the story unfolds, the player realizes that Rigaria is more of a pet project cut off from the rest of the world as opposed to a tangible political power.
# 42
BROTRR Discussion / Not sure if old or not?
13-02-2013, 01:19:48 AM
I just played this and realized that there is no way I could create something even remotely as WINNER as this. The Rigphysics are nearly impeccable. Though I can't speak for the man, I'm sure even Sergey himself would be proud. The only way this could possibly be any better is if there were more maps and if there were sound effects (all created via a Soundblaster Live! microphone and someone's mouth).
# 43
Gaming / Shaq Fu RPG2: Goatass Beckons
13-02-2013, 01:02:14 AM
amazing work

Thanks a lot, Svetlana. DZ brought to my attention that the game needs a minimap and that the items sold at the shops should show stat increases so I'm working on implementing that. Also, forcing the PC to unlock keywords such as "Rigborn" and "Rig" in order to ask random villagers about it is a bit tedious, so I will no longer force the player to do this in the final game. That dialog system will be relegated to optional quests.

I have an updated version of the previous demo here that fixes more bugs.

In this version, there is a rundown house next to the Rigaria Inn that possesses a commoner (he is simply wondering around town in the previous one). If you ask him about "Rigborn" it'll add the keyword to a collection which will allow the player to ask other NPCs about it (which advances the story in the demo). Currently, the first hour and a half is spent on a linear path with optional quests but everything after the demo is pseudo-open world. If anyone has ever played Phantom 2040 for the SNES or Genesis, there will be an over-world map very similar to that. Pretty much every place will be unlocked (except for GS Inc).

Edit: The world map will be very similar to Fallout 1 + 2 (including random encounters)
# 44
Gaming / Chocolate Trampoline Invaders
13-02-2013, 00:48:09 AM
This game is fetching  :stamp:

Great job and the music is awesome, too.
# 45
Gaming / Shaq Fu RPG2: Goatass Beckons
10-02-2013, 16:26:59 PM
Small update: full mouse control is in (pixel perfect movement, interaction with objects, attacking, defending, casting).

Currently, this is a screenshot of BRRPG emulated to run on an Android WVGA800 touchscreen. As you can see, the HUD is kind of glitchy due to the resolution and I'm having a bit of trouble converting the mouse controls to work with a touch screen. After I complete the major part of the game detailed in this screenshot (Sergey is on a mission to repair Thunder in order to prevent the mega-corporation GS inc. from completing their particle cannon), I'll focus more on that.

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