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Cant have a list of poo poo without lil wayne. "I smoke a lot of kush and have a lot of sex" is an actual lyric
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theres worse poo poo than that

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no rebecca black friday bullpoo poo. I heard this today and jesus fetch this is the worst song ever.

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Social/Off-Topic / Free harassment service
05-12-2015, 13:36:40 PM
False prophet??

"God Bless you and your family, Prophet! Happy Thanksgiving."
~Angela Pantaleo

"May God Glory just fill you up Prophet every day of your life."
~Octavio Abreu

"Your doing really great things as a young man of God and prophet let God flow through your life and the people around u will also be blessed :)"
~Yolonda Suggs

"Prophet Manasseh, I have been so blessed by your ministry. God is awesome and amazing!"
~Esther RozyStar Ebun Manuel Oni

I have also experienced god glory just filling me up and flowing through my life. It was awesome and amazing. Also worth checking out is the section called "the prophets touch"
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Social/Off-Topic / Free harassment service
02-12-2015, 16:28:12 PM

Any number added to this mailing list will get automated phone calls from this creepy ass dude asking you to join his conference call line because god gave him a message or else telling you to go see him in some random state anywhere from a couple times a week to several times a day. He calls from spoofed numbers so you can never block it and if you try to call the number to get off the list not only does it not work but any phone you call it from will be added to the call list too.
# 36
dip is cool and so is drinking urine out of a dasani bottle
# 37
According to the comments on that youtube video an object going that fast would disrupt the fabric of the universe at a molecular level because it literally would be everywhere at once, therefore this is scientific proof that Rigism is true and all other religions are false. It wasnt a "big bang," It was a big RIG going 12,300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 MPH that created the universe. Rigism: the only religion endorsed by science
# 38
I mean this is priced way higher than the original $5 BIG RIGS price tag but somebody other than stellar stone is profiting. Prices this high should only go to finance more BROTRR "games" (aka life changing experiences)
# 39
By purchasing education deal you are going to have coaching for cryptocurrencies and absolutely free tokens (choices) and with them you could participate into the mining - the business is mining OneCoins on behalf of us and also the mathematical formulation will probably be solved because of the desktops and the servers of your corporation

^^Rigcoins dont offer this
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# 41
Every christmas season we are subjected to tons of  :loser: corporate propaganda such as this:

Food companies pay tons of money to run ads like this to get people to go out and buy more food. Sadly the people making the food have more advertising money than STELLAR STONE and therefore their ads are run all the time while ads for  :brbox: are barely even seen on TV! I haven't seen one this year!

what is food if not the ingredients for poop? These corporate sons of bitches are making out like bandits trying to get people to buy starving kids poop for christmas instead of BIG RIGS

Food for christmas 1 day later:

BIG RIGS for christmas a lifetime later:

We need less food banks and more  :brbox: banks
# 42
Im a pinsetter mechanic at a bowling alley
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Social/Off-Topic / lol
05-11-2015, 15:03:43 PM
How many people were pissed that they went to a clitoris eating convention and all they had was some crappy spinach?
# 44
So youre saying that BIG RIGS are capable of going so fast that they actually transcend past being in any one location at a time and cease to be a physical object? At the end of the game the rig becomes the universe itself?
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BROTRR Discussion / BIG RIGS or buttsex?
21-10-2015, 14:06:24 PM
This is pretty self explanatory
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