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Social/Off-Topic / Hot Sauce is good
03-06-2016, 18:00:56 PM
Do what I do, hire a sous chef assistant and lick the hot sauce off his balls instead.
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I remember the AVGN review getting posted here, I don't remember the commercial from the end of the review getting posted by itself though.
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I'm pretty sure that's the actual TNA attendance these days.
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Pro Wrestling / Important poll
02-06-2016, 13:42:35 PM
Honestly, I was fine with Reigns in general until someone pointed out what a lousy friend he was in 2015-16. Think of how many times other people came to his rescue during beatdowns. Now try and remember how many times Reigns did the same for those people. You're having a hard time remembering the latter because it virtually never happened. I can't decide if this was lazy writing from Creative or they were really just brilliantly setting up Reigns as a complex character, like maybe they wanted him to come off as a subtle sociopath who only seems good as long as you don't focus too much on how he only thinks about himself.

I want to say that seems too high brow for pro wrestling, but recently Xavier Woods revealed that many insiders are shifting towards the attitude that their craft is a modern "Shakespeare In The Round" (kind of makes the term "squared circle" make more sense, eh?). Plus a lot of the New Era plots have a complexity that you wouldn't expect from the old-school stereotype of "rasslin". So if I'm being charitable and assuming Reigns' character art was deliberately written as a self-centered knight who imagines himself a paladin, then I have to say well done.

Seth Rollins on the other hand has completely lost me. The rank-and-file marks might have bought the whole "wordless promo = genius" schtick last Monday, I personally saw it as three times as long as it needed to be and made it look like he forgot how to be a proper chickenpoo poo.
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Social/Off-Topic / Hot Sauce is good
02-06-2016, 13:31:42 PM
I once got really drunk and made hot sauce and put some on my balls to test the heat.
The sauce turned out great!!!!
You really can't tell how good a hot sauce is until you lick some off your own balls.
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The next big thing will be deconstructed brews, where you basically trick hipsters into eating bowls of raw hops.
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Social/Off-Topic / USA presidential candidates
02-06-2016, 13:26:46 PM
The crucial difference between myself and Trump, is that I'll gladly admit I'm not prepared for such a task. Like Trump though, I'll take the job anyways, because in this economy a job's a job, and that one comes with free housing.
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bootleg merchandise, because it takes rubles out of the pockets of :sslogo: and THEY DESERVE ALL THE MONEY FOR BEING :stamp:
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My preferred brand is Ball Mall. I also like Marlboners.
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PRE SHOW MATCH: Baron Corbin def. Dolph Ziggler
Corbin is starting to grow on me as a character. That said I really hope this is the last we're seeing of his program with Ziggler. Both men should be moving on to bigger and better things, and it feels like the past month has been one big holding pattern for them while WWE Creative tries to figure out how to use them. 4/5

TORNADO TAG MATCH: Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows def. The Usos
I was genuinely amazed that The Usos were getting booed on their way to the ring. Looks like people hate Roman Reigns so much that the hate rubs off on these guys. Personally I really can't get behind Anderson/Gallows. I get that they were hot poo poo in Japan as part of Bullet Club, but they have yet to do anything really compelling in the WWE Universe (apart from being AJ Styles' lackeys, which is itself annoying because one of my biggest pet peeves is babyfaces getting away with doing heel poo poo for no good reason, and this definitely qualifies). All in all it wasn't a bad match, I just didn't feel invested in the outcome either way. 3/5

I was really concerned that this match would be kind of blah, and I was SO happy to be wrong. Both of these guys put on a marvelous performance from start to finish. Kalisto got in some really amazing spots, and Rusev looked like a motherfetching BEAST. Both my wife and I literally cringed when he locked in that Accolade (Camel Clutch) at the end of the match, it looked like he was ripping Kalisto in half. For those keeping track, this is the THIRD US Title holder in a row who is billed from being outside of the United States, making this title's name seem really weird and meaningless. Still, awesome match. 4/5

TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: The New Day def. The Vaudevillains
My wife and I were scared that New Day were dropping the titles when it was revealed that Woods would be one of the people competing (seriously, before this match, it seemed like you only ever saw Woods in the ring if he was there to get pinned). Their entrance and opening smack-talk were vintage New Day, and a reminder of why they are the most entertaining tag team on the main roster. Vaudevillains came out with some new entrance gear as well, I approve. The match itself was pretty good, it seems like Gotch is taking things a little easy, probably so we don't have another Enzo Amore incident. And wow, Xavier Woods has a finishing move... too bad it looks a lot like the one Nakamura is using on NXT right now. Oh well, still a pretty good match. 3/5

INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE FATAL 4-WAY MATCH: The Miz def. Cesaro, Sami Zayn, and Kevin Owens
I... wow. This match was absolutely AMAZING. It started with Zayn hitting a brutal Heluva Kick on Owens, and went completely crazy go nuts after that. There were at least a half dozen logical finishes that got kicked out of. The crowd was white-hot throughout, and... oh man, if you didn't see this match, go back and watch this match. poo poo like this is why I am such a huge wrestling fan. Kevin Owens' pop up powerbomb finisher still looks stupid though. 5/5

ASYLUM MATCH: Dean Ambrose def. Chris Jericho
In what turned out to be pretty much the only "extreme" match on a PPV called "EXTREME RULES", we get introduced to what is essentially a cell match by way of Thunderdome (I'd say "steel cage" match, except you can't win by escaping the cage, so in essence it's a cell match). In typical Ambrose fashion, the weapon selection mixes traditional weaponry (kendo stick, barbed wire bat, etc) with some fun new ones (nunchucks, houseplant, etc). It was basically a bog-standard hardcore match until the thumbtacks came out, at which point there was some absolutely brilliant teasing for about 5 minutes. Ambrose ended up hitting Dirty Deeds onto the thumbtacks (which clearly hurt them both), cementing his reputation as the craziest guy on the roster right now. A mediocre match with some good moments and a great finish. 4/5

This match had so much potential, however the devil is in the details, and anyone familiar with Ric Flair's body of work should know damn well that "Ric Flair is banned from ringside" is basically announcing that "someone else will be cheating on Ric's behalf". It wasn't such a terrible thing that (predictably) someone else would end up helping Charlotte. What really sucked was the way Natalya was defeated - she tapped out, when she wasn't even in the center of the ring and could have at least made an attempt to get to the ropes. It was the most annoying way for the match to peter out at the end, and IMHO is not really doing the newly-branded Women's Division any favors. I really feel like Creative needs to poke its head from out of Ric Flair's ass and try something that isn't recycled from his career-defining moments. 2/5

WWE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Roman Reigns def. A.J. Styles
One big predictable series of events. It's extreme rules so you know there's gonna be chairs. Both guys are in factions, so you know they're gonna get some help. Reigns is "the guy" right now and Styles is "popular no matter what" so you know Reigns was going to win. Rollins is back from injury so you know he's going to show up after the match and punk Reigns. Zero thought went into the writing for this match and it shows. And OMG the Styles Clash is such a stupid looking move. News flash: any move that requires your opponent to CLEARLY HELP YOU PUT THEM IN IT is stupid. I'll give props for the skill of everyone that participated, but this match felt like an afterthought, not a match for what is supposed to be the biggest prize in the industry. 2/5

OVERALL: 3.5/5
A pretty decent show that sort of limped at the end.
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Gaming / Roguelike Topic
20-05-2016, 15:39:22 PM
I'm impressed, this thread has made it to Level 10 without dying.
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(my name is Adrian)
Uh, clearly your name is Gabriel.
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Social/Off-Topic / JURY DUTY!?
20-05-2016, 15:35:20 PM
I would abuse the poo poo out of a Summon Steev spell.
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