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# 16
Social/Off-Topic / 69
12-08-2016, 17:23:57 PM

Must be that time of the month
# 17
I used to like Gordon Ramsey but now I am a believer in Alton Brown. He teaches the SCIENCE of cooking.
# 18
Give them a roll of paper towels. They will appreciate not having to do any laundry. If they ask for a toothbrush, just point to the paper towels again, then mime like you're wrapping something around your finger. That will tackle any language barriers.
# 19
Pro Wrestling / Booty-O's are REAL
25-07-2016, 15:20:55 PM
I suppose it is cheaper than pinning $100 to my resume during the interview, but can anyone provide a testimonial to its effectiveness?
# 20
Pro Wrestling / Booty-O's are REAL
25-07-2016, 14:16:50 PM
no price is too high for those sweet sweet achievement cubes
I'm poor as fetch IRL, lots of prices are too high.
# 21
Pro Wrestling / Booty-O's are REAL
25-07-2016, 13:51:24 PM
At $13 a box, I think it'd officially be the most expensive food-related achievement cube.
# 22
Social/Off-Topic / GUESS WHO'S BACK
10-07-2016, 23:29:39 PM
I'm awaiting moderation
# 23
I miss our Turntable Room, but is there a reason this is still pinned?
# 24
Social/Off-Topic / Celebrity deaths
09-07-2016, 02:47:30 AM
It sucks the economy is so bad that I have to wait until the back-to-school specials before I can buy a new Glock
# 25
Social/Off-Topic / Nobody really likes SHAQ
09-07-2016, 02:45:49 AM
ruining their unauthorized cellphone photos, but we don't care what they think because DON'T MESS WITH SHAQ YOU :loser:

# 26
WINNER Help / What is your favorite font?
08-07-2016, 17:39:09 PM
Always had a soft spot for Helvetica.
# 27
Sports / Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt
07-07-2016, 01:56:33 AM
Also I've never seen Steev and Brock Lesnar together, so GUESS WHAT STEEV YOUR CHEST TATTOO IS DUMB
# 28
Pro Wrestling / THE GOLDEN TRUTH
06-07-2016, 22:13:07 PM
Has anyone been paying attention to this storyline? I really dig what they've been doing with it. At first I had no idea what they were going for but now that it's taking shape I'm really digging the concept: basically it's two guys trying to form the most WINNER tag team ever, complete with showing all the difficulties they have in getting their poo poo together. Plus I love the new shirts, have you seen them?

 :stamp: :stamp: :stamp:
# 29
Pro Wrestling / {SPOILER} is champion!!
06-07-2016, 21:37:06 PM
I'm certainly not weeping buckets over Reigns getting sent to time out. Kudos to Rollins for milking it though.
# 30
I'm not really feeling this whole #BeatUpJohnCena thing. Cena's been promoing circles around Styles & Co, and you know something's really fetched up when I'm declaring Cena is better at something than an indy darling. Putting him with Enzo and Cass is only going to widen the promo gap.

The Club storyline in general has really been kind of lackluster IMHO. You can tell they tried this whole thing on RAW because "lukewarm NWO knockoff" is basically RAW's favorite flavor, and the NXT crowd would have called shenanigans on the whole "big in Japan" thing pretty much immediately (not that they weren't, just that guys like Balor & Styles don't strictly speaking actually NEED bully angles and guys like fetching FESTUS to get over as good performers).
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