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I just had some nostalgia and want to use it once and promptly forget it exists again MAKE IT HAPPEN
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Social/Off-Topic / The MANLY Art Of JagoBC
04-12-2011, 03:10:32 AM
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I am doing the same thing I do every year for NaNoWriMo - Spend the first five days writing stuff and then say "fetch it" and play the next game in my Gamefly Q.  OK, maybe not, I have a pretty good idea for a story this year, but it all hinges on my ability to write while riding a crowded bus, which is the only time I seem to have for extended writing sessions.  Any plans from any one else to give it a whirl?
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This ain't the topic for that stupid T-Ball league your dad made you join, or that track meet your school had where everyone got participation awards.  This is for the sports you have played and played competently.

And so that I can participate, WRESTLING IS A SPORT DAMMIT.  Both kinds in my case.  I wrestled in the 285 weight class in high school (I was a big boy) and won more matches than I lost, but my team sucked so we never did squat.
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Social/Off-Topic / Who Would You Sacrifice?
23-10-2011, 21:57:06 PM
Here's the scenario!

A great evil has befallen [group of people].  The evil will go away if one member of the group is chosen to be sacrificed to it.  You choose the group, the sacrificial lamb, and the method of execution.  I'll start:

To save Black Out Band, I sacrifice Tug.  Hunter & Matthew have known each other longer, and seriously, bass players are a dime a dozen.  Tug gets a death befitting bass players - he dies in a car accident on the same day Kevin Bacon dies saving orphans from a terrorist attack.
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Dissident did not make this topic.  Discuss.
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Q: Which disease is the best disease to have?

A: Without a doubt, the best disease to have is the flu. Before I knew what LSD was, I learned that for 4 or 5 magical days every winter, I would get to lay in bed tripping balls, thanks to fever hallucinations. Plus, if you're young, you don't risk much permanent damage, unlike other mind-bending diseases. The best kind of flu is the kind that isn't stomach based, because it's all the head-swimming goodness without the barfing. The flu I've had for the past 3 days has been pretty good except for the migraines. I could do without those. Otherwise it's been pretty trippy.
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Ask ZMANNZILLA / Why is Advil sweet?
30-09-2011, 20:03:15 PM
Q: The other day I took an Advil and I noticed that it tasted sweet, kind of like a Tic-Tac.  Why is that?

Well, me, maybe you should Google it, like I just did for you.  It turns out that Advil uses something called an "enteric coating" which is designed to reduce the effects that certain pain medications (such as aspirin and ibuprofin) can have on your stomach lining.  Coincidentally, it tastes like some alien flavor of Tic-Tac you've never experienced before.  Of course, it doesn't matter how tasty it is, it's not advised that you eat more than 2 every 6 hours unless a doctor says otherwise.
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16-09-2011, 20:52:53 PM

I have pre-ordered 12 copies

EDIT: turns out that pre-order was a scam.  But since I paid in Swedish Krona, joke's on them.
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Dissident and I caught this crazy cat laying it down on Pike Street in downtown Seattle.  Discuss.
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Social/Off-Topic / I EAT UR HOT BROWN
09-09-2011, 00:24:45 AM
I've been in Kentucky on business for the past few days.  The locals all said "before you go you have to eat the hot brown it's the local specialty eat the hot brown you NEED TO fetchING EAT THE HOT BROWN and also play some cornhole".

I ate the hot brown and surprisingly it wasn't poop.  It was instead an open-faced turkey sandwich with bacon, tomato, cheese and cream sauce and it was awesome.

I did not play cornhole.  They tell me it's a game with beanbags.  Nice try, Kentucky.

Top notch state, Kentucky.  People are really nice to your face even if you're a dirty hippie, which is all you can ask of people, really.  Also, apparently it's perfectly OK to just come out and admit how many joints you've smoked and hookers you've banged, so long as it was in your past and you aren't planning on doing it again.  To fit in, I told them I smoked 34 hookers and banged 7 Taiwanese joints.  They asked me if I was on a diet or something.

Also, Derby Pie is good.  There needs to be more Derby Pie in this country.

I also saw like 46 big rigs in Lexington alone, to be fair though I did pass a large number of Flying J restaurants.

KY FINAL RATING: 9/10  :stamp: STATE
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28-08-2011, 22:31:04 PM

So I went to PAX Prime this year (I got a free pazz and wanted to check out the Minecraft booth) and it turns out that across the street they were celebrating TEN YEARS OF GAYLO.  I decided I would be remiss in my duties as a Rigist if I didn't go in and spy on them.

Here we see a bunch of LOSERs who left their houses so they could come play GAYLO in a different dark room.  Tensions rose when the realization kicked in that none of their mothers would be bringing them chocolate milk.

Oh look a big plastic jeep with no moving parts.

There was a gallery of Halo "art", which consisted of two things that weren't lame dioramas - a portrait of Master Cheese with a happy face and THIS abomination.  MegaChief?  MasterMan?  I have no idea what I'm looking at, oh wait yes I do - an ABOMINATION.

This is my middle finger, and it is flipping off the discussion panel.

This guy said BROTRR was WINNER, so I posed with him and we took a picture.  But it was a trap!!!!

He was distracting me while they sent an alien to kick me out of Halofest!  Gritting my teeth, I prepared to defend myself and the honor of Rigists everywhere.  Sadly, the gun was only a cardboard cutout, and they kicked me out.

This is my middle finger, and it is actually quite happy to have been kicked out of Gaylofest.
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sup DZ
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