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# 316
Social/Off-Topic / A Greak Hope
21-06-2008, 20:11:59 PM
# 317
Social/Off-Topic / Hero Or Hitman? YOU DECIDE!
12-06-2008, 14:10:09 PM

Guidoman, Guidoman
Does whatever a guido can
Drives a car, oversized
Makes a great pizza pie
Hey there... Here comes the Guidoman!

Is he strong?  Listen bud.
He's got spicy Italian blood.
What's that thing?  In your bed?
Take a look... Horse's head!
Paizan... Don't feck with Guidoman!

In the heat of the night
At the scene of a crime
With the speed of light
He escapes just in tiiiiiime!

Guidoman, Guidoman
Friendly unionized Guidoman
Soap and water, he's ignored.
Pasta is his reward.
To him, life is a great big hold-up
So wherever Caddies roll up
You'll find the GUIDOMAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!
# 318
Social/Off-Topic / This site makes me happy
09-06-2008, 18:31:51 PM
And so I want to make others happy, so +1 COOL POINTS to the first 10 people who post poo pooty children's art in this thread, which also makes me happy.
# 319
Social/Off-Topic / Manliest Dance Party EVAH
02-06-2008, 20:56:03 PM

fig.1: Triple H, Batman, and The Devil, dancing at the Pale Moon Nightclub.
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