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Social/Off-Topic / How do I find my ass?
21-10-2008, 18:01:22 PM
I tried using both hands and a roadmap, but I only found a hole in the ground.  Help me!
# 303
ITT: Post pics of what you think the above poster gets off to.

Bonus rule: if the pic turns out to be accurate, the above poster must give you +1CP for giving them something awesome to get off to.

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Social/Off-Topic / Is The Poopsmith WINNER?
14-10-2008, 21:57:19 PM

I'd also like to see this eventually become an emoticon, I can even add a caption that says "poo poo Topic".

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Feedback/Help / The new layout...
21-09-2008, 17:56:52 PM
 :thumbsup: :texan: :belair: :headbang: :volcanicity:

In other words, I like a lot.
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I'm going to be offline for a while, because I'm moving to Seattle and I have to ship my computer ahead of me.  So I won't be on again until sometime next week.  I hope you miss me...
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Social/Off-Topic / FIVE people will get CP!
15-09-2008, 18:29:25 PM
Special prize-winning thread!

I am looking for five terrible things happening to Jar Jar Binks.  The first five people to post pictures of terrible things happening to Jar Jar Binks will receive +1 CP from ME!
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Social/Off-Topic / My (Poop) Bucket List
07-09-2008, 17:49:03 PM
Everybody does it - poop.  The problem of course with poopy-time, is that you have to sit in one spot with your pants around your ankles, and you can't go anywhere while you do it.  Worse, the door is closed.  So how do you pass the times?

Here are some of my favorite potty activities.

1 - Flaming Carrot Comics: I've read the same issue of "Flaming Carrot" something like 30 times now.  It's just fun to flip through.  Flaming Carrot is my vote for the most WINNER superhero ever, because he uses his powers of Zen Stupidity to help humanity (perfect example: upon seeing a man lying beaten in a ditch, he runs forward and says "Excuse me, sir, you look hurt.  Here, have some Wheaties!")

2 - Pet the cat - No, this isn't a fap reference (trust me, the last thing I'm thinking about when yesterday's dinner is making an exodus exactly two inches from my junk is sex), I mean I pet the cat.

3 - Gameboy DS - Cooking Mama 2 is basically a cartridge full of neat little mini-games, narrated by a cute Japanese girl.  Plus I learned how to make rice crackers from playing this game.  Fun, educational, and WINNER.  I also enjoy playing Puzzle Quest and Gunpey on the poo pooter.

4 - Thinking about things to post on - Guess where I got the idea for this thread?
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Social/Off-Topic / WHOA GIANT BONER!
30-08-2008, 02:15:51 AM
Made you look lol.

 :running: :running: :running: :running: :running: :running:
 :running: :running: :running: :running: :running: :running:
 :running: :running: :running: :running: :running: :running:
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 :running: :running: :running: :running: :running: :running:
 :running: :running: :running: :running: :running: :running:
 :running: :running: :running: :running: :running: :running:
 :running: :running: :running: :running: :running: :running:
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Social/Off-Topic / I'm back too
27-08-2008, 12:29:10 PM
I went away single, and came back married.

I will post pics when I get them.
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Social/Off-Topic / attn: Tasebot
18-08-2008, 17:59:28 PM

All pictures courtesy of the greatest Bots Master page EVAH,

Click it for awesome Bots Master Awesomeness!!!

He's Ziv Zulander, (no relation to the mentally challenged supermodel secret agent of the same name).  He's a genius that designs robots.  Lots of robots.  Some of them have sports equipment...

And some of them are dancing construction workers...

And one of them is even a NINJA!!!

They fight an EEEEEEEVIL corporation, led by this guy, Sir Lewis Leon Paradim

You can tell he's evil because he's bald, frowning, and because he gave Stcb's "Hey Rockmankenny" video only one star.

This is Ziv's little sister Blitzy.  As you can tell, the family tradition in the Zulander household is that all baby names must be decided by Mommy Zulander before the C-Section anesthetic wears off.

Until her career as a Twisted Sister groupie takes off, Blitzy is helping her big brother fight the EEEEEEEEVIL corporation.

"IT'S LASER TIME!!!" says Ziv, a secret code to the kids at home that they should put on their 3D glasses.  Where are your 3D glasses?  You mean, you didn't get your FREE pair with purchase of a Bots Master action figure?  What, is your family on a fixed income or something?  Dweeb.

:stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp:
:stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp:
:stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp:
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BROTRR Discussion / Placed My Order
02-07-2008, 17:27:21 PM
I just placed my order for my very own brand new and unopened copy of BROTRR!

They say it will take 4-14 days to get here, but I'll know when it's arrived because my part of Nebraska is so devoid of WINNER, that I shall feel it coming.  Also, I'm pretty sure the mail truck carrying it will be driving backwards at infinite speed.
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Gaming / Guitar Hero: On Tour
23-06-2008, 00:10:02 AM

Let me start by saying that I've never owned any of the other Guitar Hero games.  This would be because I'm a cheap-ass and can't afford any of the other modern game systems that run it (I'm so cheap in fact, that the computer I'm using right now, I built from parts I foraged out of the trash).  I have, however, played Guitar Hero at Best Buy, and so I can say that the big improvement this has over other Guitar Hero games, is that I don't have to wait for some clueless 8-year-old to quit playing with the controller, before I get three minutes of jamming "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" while being taunted by a gaggle of eye-rolling teenaged douchebags, loudly questioning my masculinity because I've got it set on "Easy".

Here's what your DS Lite looks like when upgraded for this mess.  The design loses marks for making me remove my bad-ass "DS Armor" to fit the finger button attachment on there, but makes those marks back because the game box also contained two sheets of wicked stickers.  I will NOT be sticking them on my DS, mind you (it's a game system, not a Trapper Keeper), but I'm sure my fiancee won't mind me adding some rock-n-roll attitude to the refrigerator.

The way it works is, you slip your left hand through a strap on the back, use the provided pick-shaped stylus to strum and do whammy-bar acrobatics with the right hand, and tighten your face in the hopes that it won't get rocked off.  I pre-ordered my copy, so I got some neat little Guitar Hero earphones as well, which not only held my face on to prevent the aforementioned off-rocking, but as it turns out are a complete necessity, to keep the speakers from setting off all the microphone-activated features by mistake.  On that note, don't play this game near any air-blowing devices, for the same reason.

The name "Guitar Hero: On Tour" is, I presume, just to be cute about the mobility of the DS.  It's the biggest lie any Guitar Hero game will ever tell you - you do NOT want to play this in public.  Seriously.  You'll make the guy with the cellphone ear bud look sane by comparison.  Between the constant struggling to find a comfortable position, to the screaming "ROCK ON!" into the microphone to activate your Star Power.  Furthermore, there are a grand total of five venues in the game, of which only ONE is what I'd consider a "tour stop" - and it's in Ancient Greece.  The other four are a subway platform, a rooftop, a giant rubber octopus float in a parade, and a battleship, presumably staffed by gay sailors and a cannon-straddling Cher.

OK, one more complaint - It's slightly less comfortable than regular Guitar Hero, even including the teenaged douchebags in the equation (seriously, if some squeak-voiced asshole in a "Bleach" t-shirt thinks I'M a pussy because I only want to use three buttons on a unicorning video game, he deserves nothing less than a crotch-first drop on the circular saw-blade display at Lowe's).  I had to stop three times today because my wrist was aching.

And that's the problem - I was having a blast with this game, and it pisses me off that I had to stop so often.  I breezed through "Easy" in two sittings, and I'm three sittings into "Medium" at this time, hoping I'll be able to get another round in before bedtime.  The whammy bar is so much easier to use on the DS touchscreen, so there's no reason not to whammy every hold note, even the really little ones.  The voice-activated Star Power only makes it that much more immersive - I shout "ROCK ON!" and the audience starts clapping along as I shred "Youth Gone Wild" with an 8X Multiplier.  Yeah, that's right, you marks, rock when I tell thee to rock.

The Versus game has some interesting attacks in it as well, which utilize the DS's touchscreen.  If you're attacked by the Signature attack, a crazy fan gets in your face and won't leave til you sign something.  Not enough tits is my only real complaint about that.  I'm a rock star, I should be signing tits.  The Broken String attack means you can't proceed until you drag your busted string back into place.  And seriously, more tits, Nintendo.  Even square gen-one Lara Croft titties.  I want to sign some mams.  Get with the program.

So yeah, tits aside, this game is awesome.  Once I ice my wrist down, I'm going to go play it some more.
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Gaming / Drawn To Life
22-06-2008, 01:42:38 AM

I bought this today because I had to exchange something at GameStop and this was on the USED shelf.  Not a bad deal actually.  The game itself is kind of an over-cutesy J-RPG/sidescroller hybrid, which so far has proven to share a difficulty level with falling off a log, urinating while drunk, and Barney's Hide & Seek.  The fun part is in the re-creating many of the game's sprites, including your own character.

I've seen on blogs where people have done everything from Mega Man to naked ladies for their character, which is fine, but it really doesn't make the game itself any more fun to play.  Which is why I drew "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

Suddenly, it's a surreal and hilarious situation - Austin 3:16 is trapped in a world with a bunch of needy anthropomorphic cat people, and he can't leave until he collects all the pages of the Life Book.  The stern look I drew on his face (for accuracy, natch) tells a great story of a terminally bored bionic redneck, trapped against his will in the Furryverse, who would really like to be handing out Stone Cold Stunners like hurt-flavored Tic-Tacs.

It gets even funnier in the side-scroller missions, when Austin must now use his newly-acquired "Snowball Launcher" (which I drew to look like a snub-nosed .38) to cross landscapes consisting of the most random assortment of incidental bad guys this side of Commander Keen.  Jumping on their heads, of course, kills them, but clearly Austin is not impressed - "Push the goddam Stunner button!" his glare seems to say.  No dice though.  On the bright side, the "butt-stomp" attacks really does look more like an elbow drop than anything else.  Maybe I should have drawn "Macho Man" Randy Savage instead.

So anyways, great times.  I recommend it for anyone with a DS, but seriously, buy used if possible.  It's definitely worth no more than $15.
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