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Social/Off-Topic / thread to inspire poo !
09-07-2010, 20:58:22 PM
I buy my my bitch a new ass and... watch her sit on my monkey
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Social/Off-Topic / me going hard
02-07-2010, 22:31:22 PM
me and my lil bro going hard on a rap track feedback would be nice

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BROTRR Discussion / 1000 posts for trucks
26-03-2010, 22:56:01 PM
this post is for trucks
# 20
 I will be appointed to the leader of the monarchummist party.

 questionariees to the front
# 21
Social/Off-Topic / Social reform ..
26-03-2010, 22:52:36 PM
Lets have a monarchy as opposed to our democrazy doods
# 22
Social/Off-Topic / culture
26-03-2010, 22:48:59 PM
take this soulja boy

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Feedback/Help / mod reform
23-03-2010, 02:43:26 AM
How about a new mod team suited for the modern day needs of this website?

 Dissident- A firey worker who appreciates a job well done, slimey presumtious juices rarely hint a slither towards free radicalization in this post modern sleeping bacadus

You're Winner OF course - a parrot of self tuned awareness ready to leap frog any challenge that awaits.

Andmill - A fair intimidating entity who weilds our sparrow bar!

any other additions?
# 24
Movies, TV, Music, Books / the next big thing
19-03-2010, 22:19:46 PM

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Social/Off-Topic / check this out
31-12-2009, 18:29:17 PM

someone buy me this
# 26
Gaming / greenday rockband
24-12-2009, 14:55:46 PM
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Social/Off-Topic / attn you're winner
16-12-2009, 23:19:04 PM
 I'm off to download ridiculous amounts of porn late into the night until the early morn'. I've got an entire box of Kleenex and a near-full bottle of KY lube. By the time the sun rises my wang will be so slippery I'll have to tie a string around the base and wrap it around my wrist a la soap-on-a-rope. Before I came up with that Ding-a-Ling-on-a-String idea (patent pending, bitches) I'd often squeeze too hard and it'd cause my hand to fly off and most of the time I'd be unable to regain control of it due to its Superman-like speed (unable to give an exact speed measurement, every radar gun I've tried was only good enough for major league baseball pitchers or for police to bust speeders. I have never found one that can display more than 3 or 4 digits, which would be fine if they would develop one for measuring objects accelerating at such high rates that renders the naked human eye useless and unable to see anything more than an occasional split-second flash that one would have to be aggressively looking for to even see that much. Such a high-tech gadget sounds like it would be expensive and would have to be quite large and heavy with all the wires and guts needed for such a task not to mention to be able to have a display screen that is big enough to even show the resulting figures that you'd have to type into google to even know the name of, as well as show them in a font size that can be easily read. I understand no one wanting to put so much money into developing a speed gauge gun that the average person has no use for due to the dangerously low population of meth users and even lower pop. of meth users that are at the age of their sexual peak and lucky enough to still actually possess a sex drive despite the heavy and long term drug use and prefer to take advantage of their high speed connection, computer savvyness, and capitalize on meth's effects to achieve orgasms so mindblowingly pleasuring and euphoric that cause even life-long athiests to consider and oftentimes fully embrace religion with an intense fear of God even if they've never once considered the possibility of a higher power, with the only single solitary reason for this being that the meth-fueled kitten killing activity resulted in an orgasm that no previously non-spiritual human could even allow themselves to believe possible without the existence of an all-powerful creator of the universe, life, and the ability to make the impossible a reality as well as make reality into nothing; because without God's existence then such an explosion of pleasure and ejaculate for a bodybuilder stranded on a desert island to maintain his muscle mass without losing an ounce for an entire month as long as he waters the protein-packed balljuice of life down and doesn't consume it by itself as the salt content is several times the daily requirement and could cause health problems down the line, not to mention would overpower the deliciousness of the rest of the love mayonnaise as well. The God-fearing quality occurs at nearly the exact same rate as the spiritual transformation after experiencing the orgasms because after experiencing such a powerful genital-focused ego-destroying feeling after living a life with a closed mind that only accepted what could be proven it is hard to imagine something even stronger than what was just experienced, and thus can only assume that this is the exact feeling that the lord himself experiences when he blows a load. And since it is understood that God is the supreme one, you'd be dumb to NOT be deeply afraid of His wrath, as you are poisoning your body with a chemical that rids you of many basic mortal human needs to live. Many do that and don't worry about the man upstairs and most of the time are right to not worry. But when you are doing that as well as busting a nut the exact same way as the universe's creator, the absolute top of the totem pole, the one solely responsible for even allowing you to have any emotion and feeling in the first place, then you are going too far with the free will that he gave you by using it to consume man-made chemicals, which also are only possible because of His gift of free will, and using it to bypass the basic requirements for human survival while at the same time enhancing nearly every attribute that He gave man and maxing them out completely and then use this time of temporary near-immortality to experience things that only God Himself was capable of...then you better bet that He will not be pleased. It is comparable to Adam and Eve eating the apples off the tree when they weren't supposed to even though they were given everything else and lived in perfection. You do a lot of meth and fight through the shrunken speed-dick and put in enough time and effort and manage to concentrate on getting off long enough to do so while fighting through the exhaustion that even meth can't prevent and when the finish is near there is no half-assing and still give it everything you've got and assuming that even after all it took to reach that point "everything" is somehow still much more than it is without drugs but with decent preparation and everything perfect, and refuse to let up even the slightest bit while your body is on the brink, then not only refuse to let up even when it's basically guaranteed but then proceed to kick it up yet another notch by speeding up even more as well as adding in the other hand to stimulate the balls while at the same time focusing on whatever is being used as material to work to as much as possible and keeping all this up until the load is blown, then not forgetting to follow through completely just like in other sports and fighting through the oversensitivity of the unholy head of your wang and continuing to jerk while you are in the process of emptying out and gradually slowing to a complete stop where you then just lay/lean back and simply enjoy what it'd be like if you were God and just gotten head from the hottest most perfect female which you personally created for no other reason than to relieve you sexually and just the way you wanted it....then it's hard to come up with even a single minor reason at all to not be scared of God. As a male, he will take it as a threat to his alpha-male status that he has held onto literally forever and you can bet he will do what he feels is needed to keep it. After all, he made you. He can end you. Meth or not, there is only one true God. And he doesn't need meth to be it.

The moral of the story is, if you're going to get tweaked out and jerk off, then try not to enjoy it too much. Otherwise God will kill you, regardless of your religion or lack thereof prior to doing the meth.
# 28
 stell is god
# 29
Social/Off-Topic / so then
13-12-2009, 03:14:41 AM
Somehow I got to masturbating right in front of her, she was comfortable with it. Once I orgasmed and came everywhere, she flipped out and we got in a huge fight lol.
# 30
Social/Off-Topic / Social/Off-Topic FAQ
10-12-2009, 22:22:08 PM
I'm hearing voices - rebuke them in the name of Yahushua and command them to stop speaking to you and to leave in His Name. If they don't leave, ask Yahweh to chain those speaking to you and cast them into the abyss in the name of Yahushua.

I'm being followed - ask Yahweh to blind and disorient 'them' so they can't see or follow you in the name of Yahushua.

I'm being harassed - ask Yahweh to stop the harassment being targeted against you and to chain them and cast those involved into the abyss. If they are humans that are behind the harassment, ask Yahweh to break their equipment beyond repair and send them into derision in the name of Yahushua.

I have chemtrails in my area and they're making me sick - Saturate your area with Orgone Blasters  also  it will keep the chemtrails away.

I think I have chip implants - You can deactivate chip implants with neodyme magnets. See

I have a defibrillator and I am wondering if it is safe to use the neodyme magnet on my body? - Neodyme magnets are very powerful and strong. I would not use them if you're on a defibrillator, pacemaker, or any type of machine without approval from a doctor first.

I have lazer beams coming into my home through my windows - Cover the windows they are using to hit you with lazer beams with Mylar blankets. You can get them at  $4 for 12. Also, ask Yahweh to break their equipment beyond repair.

I'm being hit with microwave weapons while I'm sleeping - Cover the windows they are using to hit you with lazer beams with Mylar blankets. You can get them at  $4 for 12. Also, ask Yahweh to break their equipment beyond repair.

Are there good aliens? I've heard that many are here to 'help mankind' - There are no good aliens. If they were 'good' they wouldn't be aliens nor would they be terrestrial beings...they would be celestial beings in heaven. There are 2 types of heavenly beings, terrestrial and celestial. Celestial beings are angels and live in the upper heaven with Yahweh. Terrestrial beings were kicked out of heaven and live in our upper atmosphere and sky. They inhabit our moon(s), planets, and star systems.  They all have their own agendas and plans for 'earth.'  They may claim to hate the New World Order and want to help mankind but they really just want to implement their own plans and agendas on earth. Satan rules over all of the terrestrial beings in our space, atmosphere, and the places under the earth.

I can see and/or hear demons or aliens in my bedroom/house at night - Put orgone in your home. Put it on top or in front of  your computers and tv's. Put it under your bed and at your front door and back door. Demons and aliens hate orgone and won't stay where there is orgone. Having orgone under your bed will help keep dreamscape weapons from attacking you at night and will keep 'them' out of your bedroom at night while you're sleeping. Also, ask Yahweh to send His Warrior Angels to clear out your home of anything that isn't of Him. Ask Him to chain them and cast them into the abyss in the Name of Yahushua.

I get a feeling of Fear - start Praising Yahushua. You will feel His instant presence when you praise His Name.

I'm worried about the things that are coming - Perfect love casts out Fear. Start loving Him MORE. Put your life in His hands and ask Him to lead you.

When I drive by towers I can hear them speaking to me - get orgone around and near those towers. Put orgone in your car.

I hear a ringing in my ears - Get an orgone pendent from and put orgone in your home and car. If you think it might be a result of a chip implant then get a magnet and put it on your ear lobe, you can use a bandaide to hold it in place for 12-24 hours. Also, if you think it's targeted harassment against you, then ask Yahweh to break their equipment beyond repair in the Name of Yahushua.

I think I'm being psychically attacked - ask Yahweh to put a shield around you they can't penetrate.

I'm being visited by ghosts, remote viewers, or cloaked military soldiers - ask Yahweh to chase them out and away from you with flames of fire. Ask Him to scorch them to teach them to stay away from you.

Is the Symbol of the Cross Good or Bad? - The cross signifies death, a curse. Yahushua doesn't want us to remember His death but his LIFE, His Resurrection. Christians want to memorialize His death by wearing crosses, to many it's simply remembering His redemption for us. However, HE doesn't want us to make graven images or "idolize' His death. I stopped wearing cross jewelry years ago once He made me aware of how He feels about it. Satanists and Satanic groups have no problems wearing crosses, it reminds them of His death and they glory in it and that's what they celebrate. We worship a RISEN Savior, not one still in the grave.
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