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# 31
BROTRR Discussion / WINNER Lego
28-06-2017, 16:52:54 PM
@Skrag you should build a big rig with your extensive lego collection

Don't have that many pieces unfortunately
# 32
Holy poo poo this band is fricking awesome!

That's a good song @ZIGS_ARE_WINNER , I like it

Not a fan of their other tunes though
# 33
is Shadow supposed to be good or evil in the Sonic Universe
# 34
SPOILER (hover here to read)
Rod Roddy, former Price is Right host  :roddy:

Just checked his Wikipedia page and I found that it had no image. "THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE" I said. Go check it now lmfao


# 35
Social/Off-Topic / RIP forums
18-05-2017, 15:56:19 PM
all I seem to do now here is rate posts as ZIGS'd all the time

 :portugal: :portugal: :portugal: :portugal: :portugal:
# 36
Social/Off-Topic / Hey Cirus
18-05-2017, 15:53:59 PM
its here:

I checked, that didn't look quite right, so I checked again and had a closer look, but nope that's not it unfortunately
# 37
also I kinda manipulated the Rigcoin economy to get 99999999.99 Rigcoins lol

shame there's nothing to spend them on apart from news posting
# 38
yeah, I think I bought most of the Lamp and Standard items
# 39
This forum is long past its golden age, but if it's any consolation I get really annoyed when old forums and websites disappear completely from the internet (like our old forums) so I plan to at least keep it hosted for a while longer.

Get a backup of it at least
# 40
Social/Off-Topic / Hey Cirus
14-05-2017, 06:24:20 AM
I don't know anyone by the name of Gamefreak.

I had a YouTube account with this same name something like 8 years ago. (I closed it a while ago.) Yesterday, I happened to look through the YouTube channels of people I had known back then, including your Cirus206 channel. Then I remembered this website, and that I had an account on here that I made years ago and used for a day.

So, I decided to log back on, and say hello, and see if you remembered me, because we both used to make fun of a certain RockmanKenny, ages ago.

I remember RockmanKenny, I think he pretended to send some assassins after us, that was a good laugh


Where's that brilliant banner Z-Mann made of the RMK squad
# 41
Social/Off-Topic / Hello
14-05-2017, 06:19:03 AM
If we post questions here can b answer them
# 42
Watched this Friday night.  A bit slow to start, as sometimes the Alien films are when setting the scene and building story, but becomes very good later.  You find out A LOT more about the Alien race, where it came from etc.  The movie answers some questions but still leaves others unanswered, to be covered in the third film hopefully.  A lot more blood and gore in this when compared to Prometheus.  Worth watching.

I rate it  :ngage: :ngage: :ngage: :ngage: out of  :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute:

# 43
Movies, TV, Music, Books / DUNE
10-05-2017, 17:04:09 PM
Check out Emperor: Battle for Dune

yeah i've played that, it was poo poo

...or was it Dune 2000 I played?  Can't remember
# 44
Movies, TV, Music, Books / DUNE
10-05-2017, 16:52:03 PM
# 45
...I just need to buy a new phone to use the app!  My current one is too old, the micro-USB port is fricked, it's difficult to make a charger cable stay in place

clean out the lint with a safety pin

This worked, I fricking love you Bjorno

I used a paperclip
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