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# 16276
I'm not making a category for one board.

I'm not making a board that will generate a thread every two weeks.
# 16277
Feedback/Help / Re: Karma
09-08-2007, 21:23:44 PM
Because Karma shows how KOOL you are.

# 16278
Yes, and I was also pissed off that there was only one episode on tonight instead of the regular two because FOX decided preseason football was more important.
# 16279
Social/Off-Topic / Re: More from AOL news
09-08-2007, 18:52:53 PM
The kid will get his ass kicked whether his name is 4Real or Superman anyway.
# 16280
Namclone has something like 10 pages worth of new Book of Rigism material he hasn't posted because you guys are all assholes to him.

Treat others the way you want to be treated, etc.
# 16281
Feedback/Help / Re: PM system doesn't work.
09-08-2007, 18:11:11 PM
I've received messages fine.
# 16282
Rusko Star
# 16283
# 16284
Looks like your plea for karma has BACKFIRED
# 16285
Sporadically making fanwork every couple of weeks doesn't justify having a separate board for it.  All of the old fanwork can go in the BROTRR Discussion board as well.
# 16286
No, no
# 16287
Why waste space on a board that would hardly be used?
# 16288
That's a problem on your side.

# 16289
It's going at the same speed for me.
# 16290
Movies, TV, Music, Books / Re: Johnny Quest
08-08-2007, 10:58:50 AM
No, I hated that show.
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