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# 16
Announcements / 10 years
06-08-2017, 13:45:52 PM
Today, as we know it turns 10 years old.  Thanks for all the memories!


# 17
Social/Off-Topic / We'll never hit 250k posts
02-08-2017, 13:58:48 PM
So sad
# 18
Gaming / Steam group curator
20-07-2017, 10:37:41 AM
If anybody wants to recommend any games using our Steam group write something up and we'll post it
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# 20
I'm sick of looking at his avatar.  What should it be?

Post here!
# 21
Social/Off-Topic / RIP forums
07-05-2017, 12:41:07 PM
# 22
April fools!!!!!!
# 23
Gaming / Gwent
29-03-2017, 20:26:46 PM
Have a couple codes for the beta if anybody wants one
# 24
Social/Off-Topic / Lasagna Cat
10-02-2017, 13:08:05 PM
It's been nine years...

# 25
Pro Wrestling / WWE Champions Free Puzzle RPG
04-02-2017, 15:14:59 PM
# 26
Social/Off-Topic / Gubbarre #1 India comics
19-12-2016, 05:13:40 AM
# 27
Gaming / Humble game exchange
03-09-2016, 11:27:45 AM
I assume you all have a lot of Humble keys you've never redeemed, so let's post here and hopefully find some homes for these games!

# 28
Okay well it currently looks like Hull is going to win every match in the Premier League this year and smash every record, so cheers to them for outdoing Leicester.

I'd be surprised to not see Leicester go through.  Thoughts @Skrag
# 29
If you're like me, you probably think that any idiot can cook scrambled eggs in the morning. However, I recently discovered that I was the real idiot because I had no idea how to properly cook scrambled eggs! Following Gordon Ramsey's advice, I made the best eggs I have ever had this morning.

You can make it without the crème fraîche and it will still be delicious
# 30
Please find photograph here:

Today marked the day when McDonald's expanded their Gilroy garlic fries from the initial test run in the South Bay. As a big fan of garlic fries I just had to try them on opening day.

Allegedly, the fries are tossed in a puree of garlic, parsley, olive oil, Parmesan and salt. The McDonald's I went to charged about 60 cents more for a medium order of fries. There's only one other McDonald's here and it's a piece of poo poo so I don't know what they're charging. Every order is made to order so it takes a few minutes.

The fries were pretty good, but the garlic flavor wasn't particularly strong. If you like regular McDonald's fries (I don't) and you like garlic (I do) then you should probably drop everything to fly to the Bay Area and try these new delicious treats. Overall I would not go out of my way to get them but if I am dying for cheap garlic fries I would have a hard time recommending anything better.

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