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# 61
Gaming / The San Andreas apology
24-08-2011, 21:54:17 PM
It's a lot better than I've been giving it credit for. Groves4lyfe. I still lol every time I crash and then BIKE SKILL + appears.
# 62
Tell everyone what email address you're getting and how many CP you earned.
 :bidoof: :leek: :stalin:
# 63
Yes yes we've all seen the hastily made tourism videos but I'm assuming its only going to be slightly more eventful than Buffalo, NY. Will send anyone a postcard who gives me their address, SIN, date of birth and mothers maiden name.
# 64
Social/Off-Topic / EMOTICON RALLY 2011
09-08-2011, 01:17:00 AM
Every emoticon pitted against each other in heats of 4 until only 1 WINNER survives.

Round 1:  :thumbsup: '< :ateam: :brbox:
# 65
Feedback/Help / Bigger boners
06-08-2011, 17:53:31 PM
# 66
999999999999 hours in

exorsice our right to image username :stalin:
# 67
Social/Off-Topic / How I quickpost
01-08-2011, 00:19:16 AM
Quickscope noscope hardscope 360 jump
# 68
Social/Off-Topic / Kill Steev Volume 1
23-07-2011, 02:22:41 AM
Who does this guy think he is. He has insulted Meep for the last time. I've dug up a few DOX on him, maybe you guys can help me out. Remember YOU'RE WINNER ! (except steve)

Turd his posts, recoke his CP.

Here's the dox

Full name: Steve "Steev" Stephenson
address: 69 gaynon-heterosexual personwithAIDS avenue
town: STeevesucksville, USA
Home phone: 159-429-6447
cell: 159-628-2776
email: horsecumshots666@steevloser.but

Rememem, we are legion we forgive we do not forgett
# 69
will be a picture of a young naive Dissident wearing a /b/ shirt?
# 70
Gaming / Supez da 6'4
14-07-2011, 01:23:35 AM
Solve my maze!
# 71
Ask ZIGS / Why do you love anime?
13-07-2011, 00:10:36 AM
It seems like you're only flamboyantly enthused with anime to the chagrin of others such as myself. Please explain your real motives behind your constant anime fanaticism posting style. By the way, they're 2 dimensional characters made to pander to loosers such as yourself.
# 72
Social/Off-Topic / Active Rigist Roll Call
26-06-2011, 23:28:33 PM
Curious to know how many BROTRRers still post and read regularly. We should do this every 6 months. Leave a post with a small rap declaring your name and signature rhymes.
# 73
awg Time

I just heard about this game.

 :stamp: or  :loser: ?
Voiced by  Jon St. Johns
# 74
The whole city is dead. 8.5/10
# 75
Cotton Dies

On a serious note probably D for me since he'd probably be a fatty if he were a girl.
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