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# 31
Social/Off-Topic / poo pooty haircuts thread
12-10-2012, 21:31:52 PM
Let us recount our worst haircuts to comfort me as I look like a Peurto Rican right now due to botched hair job.
# 32
Social/Off-Topic / Came home
07-10-2012, 00:04:03 AM
fetching cockroaches.

There's a huge goddamn cockroach in this basement and its quick as hell. Share your cookarocha stories here.  :bidoof: :leek:
# 33
Social/Off-Topic / HAT THREAD
04-10-2012, 21:14:21 PM

 :quebec: :rigcon:
# 34
steam is poo poo, back me up. achievement cube me up. :stalin:
# 35
Social/Off-Topic / Wiki wiki wild
07-08-2012, 16:43:25 PM
One of the best songs ever, yes or no?
# 36
Social/Off-Topic / Dickfarter
27-07-2012, 19:07:39 PM
OK. I've had it with all this Kickstarter (to be from hereon referred to as Dickfarter or DF) bullsh@t. I believe there is a strong link between backers of Dickfarter campaigns and people with severe, raging autism. These low functioning sperglords donate way more money than is needed to fund stupid ass INDIE games that usually involve autism enabling mechanics.

Seriously every single DF is the goddamn same old poo poo and yet none of them fail to generate well over their already unnecessary "budgets." Donate 75$ and get a poster along with a game every sperger will forget after the next Minefvckyoucraft update next month? Donate 2000$ and get an NPC named after you? fetch!

I hope everyone who ever started a DF and anyone who has ever dickfarted will be genocided six ways from Sunday.
# 37
fetch the police, come at me.
# 38
Gaming / hashtag black ops two trailer
02-05-2012, 16:11:12 PM
# 39


smoke weed
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# 41
Fetish Discussion / Western cartoons
01-04-2012, 11:02:34 AM
It may shock you all but I've never actually watched an anime in my life. I am completely in love with western cartoon characters from shows such as The Fairly Oddparents and Ben 10.
# 42
Damn I've never watched CNN before but that is one terrible reporter. It's as if she can't control her voice.

# 43
Gaming / ATTN: All N-Gage Enthusiasts
19-03-2012, 23:36:16 PM
As some of you may know I still don't own a cell phone as I'm too hip but I just thought of the brilliant idea of buying a used N-Gage from a local game store to use for my cellphoning purposes. I just wanted to know if it was still possible to use an N-Gage QD model as a regular cellphone. If so how would one set it up and does it do "sexts"? How is battery life? Willing to hear anything else any lucky :ngage: owners have to say about their magnificent cellphone/portable gaming entertainment machine.

Keep it engaged!

And unfortunately there any no superior ORIGINAL N-Gage models around here because I'd obviously opt for the techno-taco version.
# 44
swag swag swag swag
# 45
Social/Off-Topic / FTGE
26-11-2011, 16:41:27 PM
Spout your women frustrations and ambitions here.

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