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# 286
Social/Off-Topic / ATTN: BigRigsNinja
12-09-2007, 16:03:22 PM
Show us pipe-o-rama. :roddy:
# 287
Social/Off-Topic / 9/11
10-09-2007, 20:41:43 PM
inb4 tasteful jokes, conspiracy theories, serious discussion and secret bidoof I AM AN ENEMY OF THE MOTHERLAND OFF WITH MY HEAD :bidoof:
# 288
Social/Off-Topic / ITT Youtube comments
09-09-2007, 12:27:31 PM
# 289
Gaming / Shaq Attack
08-09-2007, 09:10:59 AM
Shaq Attack is a pinball game starring the one and only Shaq, as you can imagine it's probably incredibly WINNER but also incredibly hard to find. BUT THIS IS NOT THE CASE YESTERDAY !! As at one of my local video stores which I had never been to before had the machine of this glorious game. I have yet to test it out but expect updates whence I return Shawn of the Dead. I feel very privileged to have such a  :stamp: game available to me. :bidoof: :bidoof: :leek: :leek: :leek: :leek: :bidoof: :bidoof: :bidoof: :bidoof: :leek:
# 290
Social/Off-Topic / I pwned my mom today
05-09-2007, 18:28:15 PM
So I dragged her out of the kitchen to drive me 40 miles to the Try n' Save so she could get me my Christmas presents (so I don't have to wait to get them). Well anyways we went to the video game section because I wanted to get Bonestorm but my mom said I already have it. I then yelled "You idiot!! I have BLOOD Storm and Bone SQUAD 2," loud enough so everyone could hear what a fool she was. She then apologized and paid for the game. Then when we were in another aisle she reminded me how much pain she went through squeezing me out of her 12 years ago then I drop kicked her in the uterus and uppercut her unborn baby. I then took a bible and slammed it into the fetus. BLOOD. WAS. EVERYWHERE. Then I casually walked out of the store with a chainsaw attached to my arm. True story btw.
# 291
Gaming / New N-Gage
29-08-2007, 14:07:54 PM
# 292
Social/Off-Topic / My mature day
27-08-2007, 20:13:32 PM
I woke up on the floor, my mature games such as Manhunt, Ridge Racer and Genji nestled beside me. All seemed well, but for some reason I knew today was no ordinary day, in fact it was going to be a very mature day. I arose from my floor and dropkicked deodorant and clothes onto myself after my lava shower had finished. I then had a real life mature hot coffee minigame with some chick walking past my house. I hijacked some dicks' car in a mature fashion and proceeded to the Electronics Boutique to purchase a new mature game for my Sony Playstation 3 which I named Kaz Hirai and spoon all night long.

I arrived at the store which housed the AAA Mature Manhunt 2 I was about to have possession of. I walked through the doors which were too kiddy and retarded and gay to open automatically in my presence, not a scratch on my shirtless muscular body. I casually walked over to the mature (PS3) section and browsed over all the excellent games on display. A minute or so later the doors opened and two kids of about 15 and 13 years of age entered the store and walked over to the gay/kiddy/immature/Wii section which happened to be right beside the PS3 section. As they salivated over the thought of unicorning an Italian plumber I simply ignored their pussiness as I don't like to waste my time with such foolish "games".

Just then I overheard one of them murmur how Mario could "beat" Kratos from God of War. My orgasm of touching PS3 games halted immediately. I turned around stared at the child who uttered such a phrase. "Beat at what?" I inquired angrily at his naive quip. "In like a fight I guess" squeaked the scrawny asshole with legs. My muscles inflated to their full size like me getting an erection while playing Resistance. "Wrong answer MOTHERfetchER" I bellowed as I held him over my head and then thrashed him down on his friend. He had time to get up before I unleashed an uppercut to him sending him tumbling back down onto his friend. I gave them a few seconds to recover and apologize to me and Sony for insulting them, but they would do no such thing. They shakily stood up, a few of the bones visibly broken and trembled backwards in respect. "Well, what now bitches?" The veins in my arms were jutting out like razor blades as I started beating them once more. BLOOD. WAS. EVERYWHERE.

Then they just lay there, ready to die. I took a hueg dump in each of their mouths. It was over, I had eradicated the ignorant kiddies. Just then one of the store clerks who had witnessed the entire thing started a slow clap. I stood up proudly as other employees and customers joined him. Soon the entire room was clapping and shouting and gathered around me. I waded my way to the counter, ready to finally make my purchase. The manager stood at the counter proudly as I approached. "Can I help you majesty?" he questioned meekly. "I'll have Manhunt 2" I responded, my voice like a loud and manly echo through the grand canyon, my pubes extended at a gaping full 2 feet in all directions. The manager grew a rather bulbous erection as he explained that Manhunt 2 was not even in stores yet. I asked him again and he produced an unreleased copy and bowed down as he said "would you like the maturity guarantee with that?" I of course said "yes" and paid him in a manly slap of my ginormous dong across his face. As I grasped Manhunt 2 firmly in my hands the crowd cheered and lifted me on their shoulders as we marched out the front doors.

Outside was different. Everyone was mature. The streets were paved with PS3s, there was a parade and an airshow for me among other extravagant performances. My balls suddenly tingled like the tingling I get whenever I caress myself with my sixaxis. They had turned into 2 glowing PSPs. I then played with my balls and beat every PSP game ever and orgasmed with many Playstations and Kaz Hirai.

The End. (btw its all true)
# 293
Social/Off-Topic / Typical Sony fan
24-08-2007, 08:50:21 AM
# 294
Motion sensing controllers
CD based games (Sony owned 3DO, Sega, CD-i, etc.)
Good games (oh wait no they haven't)
Crash and Spyro (Nintendo secretly engineered the Gayboy Unadvanced and Gaypube versions without the permission of Sony who owns them)
Dual screens
Resident Evil 4 (Nintendo stole some of the PS2 discs and cut them into GC discs and made them suck so people would think the PS2 versions suck)
Online console games (Sony owned Sega and marketed the xband for genesis which Nintensuck stole)
Analog sticks
3D platformers

List more.

PS. Sony is the best and I love my PSP and PS3 more than my family.
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# 296
Gaming / Truck Dismount
22-08-2007, 10:55:41 AM
Old, and the physics engine leaves a lot to be desired but it's Big Rigtastic.
# 297
Social/Off-Topic / MOTIVATE THIS!
22-08-2007, 09:28:33 AM
# 298
remind me of Alfalfa. :bidoof:
# 299
Social/Off-Topic / My 141th post.
20-08-2007, 20:29:49 PM
k im done :bidoof:
# 300
Social/Off-Topic / My 140th post.
20-08-2007, 20:29:31 PM
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