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# 31
Gaming / Dungeons & Dragons™
14-10-2014, 03:20:29 AM
My party has a hard enough time getting together once every two months... Once or twice a week is very hopeful.
# 32
Social/Off-Topic / Dude, I got a Dell
13-10-2014, 15:25:15 PM
No idea. It's been a while since I last had to move wires around. But it wouldn't surprise me if it didn't have it. It was a fairly cheap TV that I repurposed into a monitor.
# 33
Social/Off-Topic / Dude, I got a Dell
13-10-2014, 15:15:24 PM
Oh man, the frame boarder is so thin. My 24" is kinda bulky and only accepts VGA and RGB inputs. Not a single HDMI or USB port. Then again it is like five years old.
# 34
Gaming / Dungeons & Dragons™
13-10-2014, 02:47:59 AM
I had a couple of good games with another forum using some online map system

Probably either RPGTable Online or Roll20?
# 35
Gaming / Dungeons & Dragons™
12-10-2014, 23:07:05 PM
I really enjoy playing it and DMing games.

# 36
Pretty much. I was heading to the gas station anyway to get gas for the day's driving around from house to house. (I pet sit/walk now along with teaching art)
# 37
Out of 32 PSI for each wheel the worst was down to 10, then 15, then 17.
# 38
Long story short, my neighbor has been hating me for five plus years now. Today (or late last night really) she let the air out of three of my tires. She has only ever called the police or verbally assaulted me, so this is a step up. Good news is that she's getting kicked out on June 2nd unless she can start taking her meds again, start going back to mental health, and to stop drinking so much.

# 39
Big Rigs Online / Alpha Release
20-03-2014, 18:44:44 PM
I tried PMing him a few years back but he never got back to me. I think Cirus might have his email? But who knows if he still uses it.
# 40
Feedback/Help / Steam tags
19-03-2014, 17:30:00 PM
QBasic is super easy. I was messing with it when I was six.
# 41
Ask Board / What's your favourite song?
16-03-2014, 00:07:57 AM

Barbie Girl
# 42
Social/Off-Topic / Glass jaw
15-03-2014, 20:15:20 PM
I don't mind punches. Something something high pain tolerance. It's kinda soothing in an odd way, like a rough massage.
# 43
Feedback/Help / Steam tags
15-03-2014, 20:08:59 PM
Is there a limit of tags people can have? Would it be possible to see who tagged you by hovering over the tag?
# 44
Feedback/Help / Steam tags
14-03-2014, 22:47:42 PM
This will be a great addition.
# 45
Announcements / Winner Chat (Beta) is here!
08-03-2014, 10:00:20 AM
I think he meant 'make bigger.'
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