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I like lolies.
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I still can't believe it, but yesterday, I was lucky enough to find this game, and so I immediatly bought it, and now, here's my first video of it!

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Gaming / PC Gaming
19-05-2008, 19:28:57 PM
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So true. The serie started off great, only to go downhill with the addition of all those crappy characters.
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Social/Off-Topic / ITT: WINNERness Overload
01-05-2008, 14:04:39 PM

Warning: it does have a sad ending. :(
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If you flip it both vertical and horizontal, it says: "Blondes Against War".
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However, this topic is about BROTRR.

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BROTRR Discussion / Re: Attention all.
29-04-2008, 09:30:37 AM
Unfortunately, no. The game has just gone into development. I can tell you it is most :stamp: and not very  :loser:.

Somehow, I don't trust this guy...

Besides, we all know it's impossible to make Big Rigs 2 any better than the first, because the first is the embodiement of absolute perfection.
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So today I decided to look at my copy of the brotrr installation video, only to discover it had been infected with LOSER. The "related videos" section consisted of pure evil:

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BROTRR Discussion / Re: Want to buy BROTRR
28-04-2008, 09:22:41 AM
and they only ship in US don't they?


Didn't try the search engine, looks like a spyware affiliate site.
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Both trucks receives the WINNER trophy, but since you only control one, you only see the trophy of the truck you controlled. But they both receives one.
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Social/Off-Topic / He's been spotted!
22-04-2008, 12:58:29 PM
The blue big rig has been spotted:

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It was a more difficult map, since there were no roads to guide me and montains everywhere, I had to rely on the orange light of the checkpoints to find my way.

But thanks to Lord Stell's guidance, in the end, I was :stamp:! The snow was no match for Megaone's flames!
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