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Put Shaq-Fu on it!
# 2
You know a game's WINNER when GS hates it. Might this be second or third to BROTRR? 

It haves everything to be one of the true classics of all time
# 3
Mine would be Jahannam if it's not taken yet
# 4
:bluerig: I hope no one gets mad I'm just posting the truth that every Brasilian I've ever known meets 1 or more of those criteria

As stated above, Brasil ist krieg
# 5
Gaming / Re: Oh Sony...
06-05-2011, 19:07:08 PM

it's all Giant Enemy Crab's fault. He hit PSN's weak point for massive damage
# 6
Sports / Re: NFL draft thread
06-05-2011, 19:05:05 PM
Even worst was Cam Newton coming 1st. WTF?
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Social/Off-Topic / Re: Osama Bin Laden is dead
06-05-2011, 19:02:53 PM
lemon party for life

24 Hours of LeMons party for life  :stamp:
# 8
Most are based on trucks chassis, so most are  :stamp:
# 9
Sports / Re: Sergio Ramos drops Copa Del Rey
24-04-2011, 17:18:27 PM
that never would have happened had it been a 3-handled trophy

Then the trophy would drop Sergio Ramos to death :belair:
# 10

A Giant Enemy Crab without weak point. Apocalypse is unleashed
# 11
Sports / Re: NHL playoff 2-K-1-1
13-04-2011, 20:27:17 PM
Bruins vs. Habs = BLOOD!  :belair:

Stanley Cup final: Flyers over Sharks, 5 games
# 12
Social/Off-Topic / Re: Heil Hitler
11-04-2011, 22:03:16 PM
Where is Fegelein?
# 13
So Karl Benz was Sergey Titov.

 :stamp: :salute: :youreman:
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Gaming / Re: Talking about two WINNER Games...
06-04-2011, 21:05:58 PM

Skate 3.

It's got a YOU'RE WINNER! Trophy... Seriously..
Or achievement if you own a Sexbox.

I'm obligating myself to buy or loan just because of this trophy. Shame isn't gold.
# 15
Social/Off-Topic / Re: Because of, I...
06-04-2011, 21:03:07 PM
...became even more  :stamp:
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