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Gaming / yo donut
06-08-2019, 19:56:51 PM
Hey ANDMIL, I saw you had fake uncharted on your wishlist and it was cheap so I got it for you.

Happy Alentines Day
You'll get the V later.. HAHA just kidding xoxo ;)))

In the future Andmill is gonna be a dick to you so don't get him Uncharted.

-Future steev
Woah that sounds interesting. steev, we're gonna have a long ass DM talk about this...
# 2
Well we know that the highest velocity traveled (backwards) on the game was 12 Undecillion MPH.
But can we go higher? Whats the highest number velocity a player can reach if they always held the backwards key? 1.8e+308 MPH? 32-bit integer?
You say it's 12 Undecillions but the ULTRANAV's speedometer actually reaches infinite, the BIG RIG is literally everywhere at the same time, but obviously nobody can see it, it's easier to see subatomic particles than to see that moment. In fact not even your computer can render it in a single frame, that's why we only see "YOU'RE WINNER !", but believe me, BIG RIGS have no speed limit.
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Movies, TV, Music, Books / The Boys
06-08-2019, 19:44:32 PM
Is it anime?
# 5
Gaming / Discord Server
06-08-2019, 19:42:47 PM
Didn't Marakaate find a way to restore the IRC thing? That should be the official YOUREWINNER.COM chat.
# 6
I still use Windows 7 too... 32-bits as always
# 7
BROTRR Discussion / Best Times
06-08-2019, 19:37:13 PM
0:42:06'90 (why racing when you can explore the infinite beautifulness of the Gray Void? After all, you're always WINNER !)
# 8
I drive MEGAONE backwards and do a world loop in 69 seconds and BAM I'm on the other side of the roadblock showing off my illegal cargo to these suckers
# 9
Social/Off-Topic / Jg gg
06-08-2019, 19:27:10 PM
# 10
Social/Off-Topic / First post in July!
06-08-2019, 19:26:20 PM
I told you guys Skrag is a pirate. Can I have my fetching islands back now?
# 11
Adminiature Art Hour / Attn. Steev: Manga
06-08-2019, 19:22:44 PM
BROTRR manga when?
# 12
rabbits are delicious
jp they taste horrible
# 13
rabbits are delicious
# 14
no way gba netplay is gonna work well for us bro
+ my connection gets interrupted every 30 minutes

gonna need a long-ass link cable that reaches urgentina bro
# 15
I'm still reeling over Donut abandoning me after asking if anyone wanted to play Apex Legends

He does that all the time though
Reminds me of a successful app developer that loves Sonic but refuses to play with me
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