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Social/Off-Topic / McRib
17-11-2015, 01:08:53 AM
OK i completed the video of the fat gay guy in leather eating a dsanwsandwich so please PM me when i get my achievement cube
# 2
Gaming / Life is Strange
17-11-2015, 01:07:05 AM
I just finished episode 17 so i'm not positng here because i'll ruin it for everyone so someone call my cell when you all finish episode 17 so i can know to post you on again
# 3
Social/Off-Topic / Sweet board games
17-11-2015, 01:05:18 AM
Playing board games is for gay hipsters, next thing is wearing vests and having a twirled mustache. If you are a gay hipster like me I suggest playing gay board games and talking about them like they are cool. PS I'm gay :csa: :csa: :csa: :csa:
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Social/Off-Topic / what you eat for dinner
24-10-2015, 12:51:27 PM
Wat u know about Santiago's?  :belair:
# 5
Here is an 11 minute video of me playing Prison Architect

# 6
I just wanted to thank everyone on for paying the salaries of the prison architect developers for the last 5 years while they added one bookshelf item a month in their regular updates. This is a great business model for the prison architect developers because they do not need to have any funding or risk on their end. The programmer worked for 1 hour a day for the last 5 years and made a lot of money and the only change we've seen is more bookshelves and a homophobic rant from Don Palermo that is at best distasteful and at worst racist and bigoted.

At least we all feel really cool and indy for supporting a small developer (con man).

# 7
Basically the same game it was 5 years ago when we all paid for a beta

*tim allen laugh*

# 8
Gaming / Cities: Skylines
28-09-2015, 18:48:27 PM
I was watching Cirus play yesterday

Are you guys same sex partners? That is really cool, my same sex partner and I play video games together too.  :belair:
# 9
Social/Off-Topic / Happy World Rabies Day!
28-09-2015, 18:44:35 PM
I got rabies when your mom bit me *Tim Allen Laugh*

# 10
Social/Off-Topic / I'm being harassed
28-09-2015, 18:40:41 PM
I dunno, those all seem like pretty high quality jokes to me

But why? Can you argument your position?

To those that didn't click the earlier link this appears to be a ZIGSd, which is a problem in the clicking interface and a problem in the ZIGSd    :running: :running:
# 11
Social/Off-Topic / Filet minion
14-09-2015, 18:31:32 PM
Cirus/Dissident posted some funny minion stuff on Twitter, so I KNOW they're going to love this one

So Cirus/Dissident is one gay dreamboat running 2 accounts? I thought it was 2 gay dreamboats, separate people! Huh!

# 12
Social/Off-Topic / I'm being harassed
10-09-2015, 22:21:06 PM
I was threatened for baby rating a post on this site, please advise.

PS baby rate this post if you want IDGAF

 :csa: :csa: :csa:
# 13
Gaming / Battle Chasers: Nightwar
08-09-2015, 08:55:30 AM
Is it set in a steampunk dystopian future?   :stamp:
# 14
Social/Off-Topic / how much do you love me?
07-09-2015, 13:55:44 PM

This is pretty intense


# 15
Gaming / Minecraft Server
07-09-2015, 13:52:01 PM
I highly recommend Starbound, it's so much better than Minecraft.  I hope to have a server for that in the future.

The italics really helps me know that this is a good game to play. Thanks Cirus. Does anyone want to setup a Starbound server?
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