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Social/Off-Topic / Ban me
14-10-2014, 17:33:18 PM
Guess I'll stay for a little bit, just to see how this goes
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Social/Off-Topic / Ban me
14-10-2014, 15:18:26 PM
I think this guy had a pony avatar at some point
Yup, this one.

I'm not really into that anymore. That was back when I was still a pre-pubesent moron
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Social/Off-Topic / Ban me
13-10-2014, 23:22:58 PM
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Social/Off-Topic / Ban me
13-10-2014, 17:52:14 PM
There's no way I'll be doing anything here again, could you wipe my dumb account off of this site please?
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Gaming / The steam summer sale is coming
07-06-2013, 15:47:19 PM
# 6
WINNER Help / Any good linux users out there?
03-06-2013, 19:12:08 PM
just use windows exclusively because its the only browser you will ever need. also remove that start button you fool its only slowing you and the progress of operating system's down
I like the start button, it's the only way I can use it in public without people bitchin about how crap windows 8 is, and the real reason why this laptop goes so slow is because the guy at hhgregg LIED TO ME ABOUT THE PROCESSOR! >:(
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WINNER Help / Any good linux users out there?
29-05-2013, 21:57:58 PM
So I recently got a Lenovo ideapad z585 and I want to dual boot ubuntu 13.04 and windows 8, I know the process of installing it but I need to install the partition in the right spot, but I went to see what partitions are on it and wtf?

This is how to hard drive came partitioned, where the hell do I install this darn thing without messing stuff up?
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WINNER Help / My Adblock Plus stopped working
24-05-2013, 23:43:15 PM
Happens to me a lot recently
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Gaming / TI-83 Plus 3d Program - occlusion
10-05-2013, 21:56:44 PM
I'm still waiting for ndless 3.2 for my ti-nspire
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ERROR: Invalid YouTube link
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Gaming / WarZ
07-05-2013, 18:32:29 PM
This site doesn't like ponies (I learned that the hard way)
# 12
All the news groups are already talking about the dead body scene
# 13
I'll start with someone dragging a dead body at 52.376552,5.198303
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Gaming / Do we have a TF2 server?
09-04-2013, 22:45:02 PM
# 15

A snack from the gods
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