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Let us remember that we are all WINNER here. Declinations from the inside are the worst kind. If something like that happened to the BROTRRs, it would technically be the first case of  :loser: heresy to date.
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BROTRR Discussion / Re: A Big Rig driver?
03-07-2008, 15:55:46 PM
Duel was a unicorning sweet movie :belair:
As was Stephen King's Maximum Overdrive and short-story, Trucks (which I am thoroughly convinced Thunderbull makes a star appearance in).
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dumbo the elapant
Bear-sized, quivering rounded bulk with 16 tentacles, a V-shaped, salivating mouth and two luminous, disc-like eyes: Martian.
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Regarding a literal 'Roadblockalypse' or 'Police Road Block':
The concept, clearly discussed in many other places with varying meaning and degree of magnitude, is, few people realize, hypothetical, depending if the term is literal or metaphorical. The idea that anything could literally 'block' a rig from progress or movement across any terrain is quite possibly as preposterous as the length of this post.
The reason people find it so easy to believe that a literal 'Police Road Block' is the 'ultimate misfortune' is because they simply fail to find a solutable aversion to such a situation; if a WINNER rig is truly what it is written to be, it could simply choose to move underneath anything 'blocking' its path, or simply turn around - essentially 'turning the other cheek'. That (WINNER) rigs are affected by our earthly and terrestrial laws is unthinkable, and anyone considering that such a block, police-enforced or otherwise, clearly does not understand the true power of a rig - provided that it is WINNER.
Also provided that such rigs are capable of movement of up to several times the speed of light, it is palpable that they could, given that they are moving at said speed, phase through the block - again provided, that it is a literal block.
In the event of a metaphorical 'Roadblockalypse', in which the lives of all BROTRRs come to an end or WINNER-ness loses meaning, it simply does not, and never will, exist.
Therefore, the technicalities of this subject should be addressed, rather than their effects.
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BROTRR Discussion / Re: A Big Rig driver?
03-07-2008, 05:41:57 AM
It was the driver of the semi-truck from Steven Spielberg's first film, Duel, who was never seen (beyond his arm). The tanker rig he drove, a Peterbilt 281, may well be a 'fallen rig'; theoretically, a rig whose privilege of autonomy has been stripped and thus requires a driver.
The driver was killed by the protagonist and thus this very well may be his ghost.
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History holds the biggest secrets. Perhaps the obvious things we celebrate on these days hide the smaller things.
The things that go unnoticed are the most deadly.
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