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hey winners, retro here

i've been working on a little project for a while now, slighty inspired by your fine community.

It's a forum, YourBrainOnInternet. It's for everyone who's facinated by the early 2000's internet and the culture of that time. The flash videos, the gifs, the games and more...  :shoes:
this is something of a loveletter to that time from me and I think it would be great to have a place for people of the same intrest to gather.

Anyway, if any of you feel like joining, please do. were currently four members so the more the better  :leek:

I know this well seem like advertising but I'm not making any money out of this
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Social/Off-Topic / GUESS WHO'S BACK
30-06-2016, 03:53:20 AM

I'm back after a long hiatus, sorry.

And yeah I'm 18 now.  :shoes: (H) :shoes:
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I just saw the new STAR WARS

And damn, it was goooooooooooood.

It was  :stamp: . And not  :loser: .

Nah seriusly, love the amount of refrences they added and JJ shows a huge love for the franchise not any dumb lensflare bullpoo poo. This really felt like a real sequell to Star Wars.
And also... I can spoil EVERYTHING!
# 4
Hey there, it's me the new guy.

Anyway, in my boredom I created this.

I've noticed that you have several and silly banners so I wanted to make one myself.

As you can see the first pic you see is a abounded town with a old rusty big rig next to it is a sign saying "out of Buisness". But that's only what people (Including me) think!!! Next to the rig is a text saying the poetic sentence "This is not the end, only a new chapter" wich I think is true, this community will live on and be strong!

Long live big rigs!
 :bluerig: :roddy: :mrtwinner: :winner:

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Feedback/Help / The Flaming Big Rigs truck.
16-12-2015, 06:16:21 AM
Hey  :stamp: S!

I'm just wondering if anyone has the sick flaming big rigs truck? Like a clipart picture that you can paste anywhere?

 :brbox: <--- That one.

Thanks and let the truck guide you through wisdom!
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BROTRR Discussion / Hey there trucksterz.
15-12-2015, 13:21:25 PM

Here I am, exploring a ghostown of a forum. :^)

Will I ever get any contact?

Nah, seriusly. I'm happy to have finally joined you guys, this seems like a great place.
And remember!
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