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BROTRR Discussion / Goty
29-10-2016, 18:49:37 PM
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BROTRR Discussion / i like big rigs
11-04-2016, 15:15:12 PM
its good :stamp:
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BROTRR Discussion / If your feeling sad...
04-04-2016, 21:01:35 PM
 :roddy: not  :loser:
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Since everyone on this site is winner, we should meet at a kfc or a popeyes and celebrate

Remember : :roddy:
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BROTRR Discussion / False Rig
20-03-2016, 21:34:11 PM
There is is false rig among us. I'm talking of corse, about the game "desert rigs" for android which attempts to mimic the ritualistic style of our beloved big rigs: over the road racing. By claiming that it is winner and presenting a rig that is not one from brotrr.
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BROTRR Discussion / I figured it out...
17-03-2016, 18:01:55 PM
Stellar stone made big rigs always winner to encourage people to feel like winner no matter what and to not give up hope because ur always winner!!!! :bluerig: :bluerig:
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Social/Off-Topic / Leonardo DiCaprio is winner
01-03-2016, 23:48:24 PM
Leo finally got an Oscar so he is winner! :stamp:  :stamp:11 at night and that's what comes to mind
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BROTRR Discussion / BROTRR is...
27-11-2015, 22:00:05 PM
THE BEST GAME IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bluerig: :bluerig: :bluerig: :bluerig: :bluerig: :bluerig: :bluerig: :bluerig: :bluerig: :bluerig: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy:
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