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Social/Off-Topic / undertale is a good game
22-11-2017, 22:29:24 PM

the fandom probably is :loser: tho
# 2
Gaming / Baldur's Gate
23-04-2015, 15:31:38 PM
Such a classic game, but I won't be able to get it sadly.
# 3
Baja Blast is  :stamp: and needs an achievement cube.

Sangrita Blast counts too.
# 4
Social/Off-Topic / wotr returns
21-04-2015, 00:06:22 AM
# 5

2 Detections out of 54 AV's.

F-Secure says Trojan:Android/FakeApp.Z, and NANO-Antivirus says Trojan.Android.Fakengry.cwzggd
# 6
Social/Off-Topic / Raid this LOSER forum
05-10-2014, 22:37:36 PM
# 7
What is the most WINNER TCG?

Since the poll is broken, you will have to POST it in this thread, and state why.

The TCGs you can vote here

Magic: The Gathering

The first ever trading card game, still is going strong. It is about a battle between powerful wizards known as Planeswalkers who use spells and creatures to own each other.

Official site:


A trading card game based from a manga and anime (not the other way around!) where you put creatures and traps into the field.

Official site:

Pokémon Trading Card Game

A trading card game based on Pokémon, where Pokémon battle each other and they can retreat into the Bench. Most people mainly simply collect the cards.

Official site:

Cardfight!! Vanguard

Another trading card game based on an anime, this time the trading card game is very new.

Official site:


Trading card games based from animes seem to be a recurring theme. This may or may not be still alive.

Official site was closed

Legend Of The Five Rings

A high fantasy TCG, similar to MtG but with a lot of victory conditions.

Official site:


A very new "MMO TCG", this one will be an online-only TCG.

Official site:
# 8
Gaming / Mr. Mine
01-06-2014, 19:45:06 PM
A semi-idle game about mining, which becomes an idle game as you go further on:
# 9
Like the VIP Club, you get into the VIP forum.

Unlike the VIP Club, Diamond Club membership is permanent.

However, it costs 1 million rigcoins, making it the most expensive item in the shop.

You get these things for being in Diamond Club:

Double RC gain
A Diamond Theme
A blue name
Access to VIP perks
Access to the Diamond Club forum
Triple Ratings
5% shop discount
# 10
Feedback/Help / What?
22-04-2014, 08:00:27 AM
Online WINNEROverTheRoad
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Your trade of Easter Egg item
Sent to: WINNEROverTheRoad on: Today at 08:59
Congratulations! WINNEROverTheRoad has purchased your Easter Egg item from you for 1 Rigcoins.

Have a good day,
 --Forum Management

You can buy your own trades
# 11
Feedback/Help / Award Square
20-04-2014, 22:58:06 PM
I don't know why I can't get one for anything.

Not even "fji4jiwefpoadfaerq34"!
# 12
Does everybody like the combined 420/Easter holiday?

Or would it be holidaze?
# 13
Gaming / Tabletop Simulator
18-04-2014, 23:49:53 PM
Just got the game. Seems like it could be WINNER, but it's just made. - Notice the Mac/Linux compatibility lol!
# 14
This is the official place for nominating members to be shot with a .45

If you're wondering, that's way worse than a normal I revoke my right to be a member of this community and might result in actual BANS.

You can nominate up to 4 people. Why 4? Because 4 is a good number.

I nominate

omegamarth because he's a scroogle
# 15
Gaming / Can a flash game be WINNER?
14-04-2014, 21:50:31 PM
If so, I nominate Anti-Idle: The Game for WINNERdom.
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