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click it. Click it.CLICK.

thanks <3
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Social/Off-Topic / Kristy Rants
11-06-2014, 14:50:48 PM
topic of my rant right now is CLAYTON. hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Why haven't I done this yet?

Hi Yourewinner your god clayton is not a god. He is Clayton. He is my husband. He can be quite annoying. Mostly about dishes. Oh and feeding the cats. ALWAYS feeding the cats. ;) (clayton I hope you don't get mad at me for this it is all in good fun).

Now I'm nervoust to do this but I'm doing it. RANT. Rants.. poo poo I"m terrible at rants. I didn't get into it at age 13 so here I am almost 24 ranting away. And sucking balls at it.


fetch now my mind is blank.

Maybe this should have been "teach kristy to rant" I really had so much to say. Now it's all gone. yep good post. thumbs up kristy.
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Gaming / Join my Steam Group.
30-05-2014, 03:02:53 AM
For real join awww tits on my steam group. "I'm the best" or something like that.

but you have to say "awww tits when you die" because again... I am the best.

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Movies, TV, Music, Books / Kristy Talks
23-05-2014, 15:24:02 PM
So hi I'm making a post. Deal with it.

I have some youtube channels to suggest and sooooooo i'm being "cool" and suggesting them. So be nice. Oh and do tell me what you think. Just thought it'd be cool to do.

This is my first suggestion. It's really funny and entertaining and if you say it's too long i'll punch you the end.

I have other suggestions and such but you know there's only so much sharing and opening up one person can do in a life. So maybe I'll be more active on this here forum. or maybe I wont.

# 5
Okay For those who can join the Google + hang out Click here :

We will record this so that the ones who can't be here can either continue the discussion on this board and can also see what we talked about before! No child left behind ;)

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Hello fellow book club members "clubers" if you will. I was thinking next week end any day (Friday,Saturday,Sunday) I would set up a google+ hang out and we would discuss This months books (graphic novels).

I will have read both by tonight and hope to hear that some of you have read them too! I'm giving you a extra week but next month I would like to do it at the end of august before august is actually over!

Anyway I was thinking maybe we can talk about next months genre or how we would like to do each months genre. I was thinking just making a list and going down it. Then repeating it once we are at the end of the list? Thoughts are appreciated.

Kay. Thanks.
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WINNER Help / Q&A questions
04-07-2013, 16:26:05 PM
Hey guys give me some questions to answer on a Q&A video. Serious time guys.


Violent K
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Social/Off-Topic / Secrets
28-08-2012, 17:29:35 PM
Claytons cat signature makes him giggle every time he sees it 
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Adminiature Art Hour / RIGCON 2012
03-06-2012, 00:51:58 AM

Holding hands holding hands aren't you jealous you aint holding my hand!

ps. charles is wearing the yellow pants.
# 10
It explains its self.

tell me what you think :DDDDD
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Social/Off-Topic / HI I'm kristy
29-07-2011, 17:45:52 PM
and I rock. but I don't understand this site.
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