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Social/Off-Topic / Jg gg
14-06-2019, 02:43:01 AM
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Social/Off-Topic / This place is still alive?
24-11-2018, 20:08:41 PM
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Social/Off-Topic / WINNER APP update
06-10-2018, 00:04:31 AM
This update just allows the rotating banner widget to have multiple instances all displaying different banners:

In the previous version this would work initially, but you'd quickly notice that all your widgets are changed to the same banner after you click on one or an hour passes.

I'm calling this version 4.2.0.... this is the final version of WINNER APP


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Social/Off-Topic / Test
05-10-2018, 23:25:53 PM
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Social/Off-Topic / Tortilla chips & salsa
23-09-2018, 13:35:20 PM
who else likes these?
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Social/Off-Topic / Christmas Haul
29-12-2017, 01:51:44 AM
@Cirus is usually the one who makes this topic, but I'll do it this time as my present to him.

I got:
* $50 onevanilla prepaid visa card

* Some slippers that look like workboots

* A Magic 8 Ball (camo)
# 7
SPOILER (hover here to read)
I think so yeah

Let's hope it runs in wine
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Social/Off-Topic / Unexpected 69s
22-05-2017, 21:59:25 PM
Please post any unexpected 69s you encounter
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Social/Off-Topic / Reminder
14-04-2017, 02:00:58 AM
# 10
It's been a long journey, but I'm glad we finally made it

Please leave a review:
# 11
Something you can send to M$ shills
# 12
Hello, still needs an app for iOS. Hopefully this quick guide for dummies can get you started! uses a slightly modified version of Tapatalk API, which is mostly documented HERE. Tapatalk uses a simple protocol called XML-RPC, which is mostly documented HERE.

Basically it works like this:
1) Send your XML document (via HTTP POST) to
2) will return an XML document containing the data you asked for
3) Parse the XML document in your app
4) :winner:

(note there are user-friendly xmlrpc libraries for most languages so you can avoid dealing with the XML completely)


Method: login
Description: Logs you in
Required params: username (base64), password (base64)
Notes: any time the tapatalk docs say type is byte[], that means you have to base64 encode it
Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0"?>

Curl command:
Code: [Select]
curl -c cookies.txt  -b cookies.txt -H "Content-Type: application/xml" -d @login.xml

Python3 (using xmlrpc library)
Code: [Select]
from xmlrpc.client import ServerProxy, Binary, Error

# see
client = ServerProxy("", CookiesTransport())

def login(username, password):
    # base64 encode parameters
    username = Binary(username.encode("utf-8"))
    password = Binary(password.encode("utf-8"))
        resp = client.login(username, password)
        return resp["result"]
    except Error as e:
        print("ERROR:", e)
        return False

Method: get_latest_topic
Description: Returns a list of the latest topics ordered by date
Required params: start_num (int), end_num (int)
Notes: get_latest_topic(0, 9) returns first 10 topics
Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0"?>

Curl command:
Code: [Select]
curl -c cookies.txt -b cookies.txt -H "Content-Type: application/xml" -d @get_latest_topic.xml

Python3 (using xmlrpc lib)
Code: [Select]
from xmlrpc.client import ServerProxy, Binary, Error

# see
client = ServerProxy("", CookiesTransport())

def get_latest_topic(start, end):
        resp = client.get_latest_topic(start, end)
        # print username and short content
        for topic in resp["topics"]:
            msg = "{}: {}".format(resp["post_author_name"], resp["short_content")
    except Error as e:
        print("ERROR:", e)

Well that is pretty much everything you need to know to start making app for iOS. Let me know if you have any questions. I am here to help 24/7
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Social/Off-Topic / /!\ ROGUELIKE /!\
04-03-2017, 02:22:57 AM
Please list the following roguelikes from most favorite to least favorite:

Dungeons of Dredmor
Pixel Dungeon/variants

Thank you.
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Social/Off-Topic / PSA: Please FLOSS
02-02-2017, 18:57:44 PM
No not Free/Libre and Open Source Software, I mean floss your teeth!

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