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Social/Off-Topic / I'm coming for you bjorno
28-09-2015, 07:40:24 AM
It is the quality of one's posts, rather than the quantity, that a man must be evaluated by. - Steve Voltaire
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WINNER Help / The latest in Chinatabs
25-09-2015, 14:08:24 PM
Sorry but tablets are useful in many professional contexts and tablet haters should honestly get a life.
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Social/Off-Topic / RIP
24-09-2015, 16:14:13 PM
Hahaha fetching hilarious. I hate southern Europeans in general and French and SPaniards specifically so i really enjoyed this video.
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Social/Off-Topic / USA presidential candidates
24-09-2015, 16:11:07 PM
Hillary Clinton is the most suitable candidate by a mile.
Bernie Sanders is a competent civil servant but doesn't know poo poo about diplomacy and the rest of the world will go wild in the absence of a truly strong willed leader. Obama is a fairly balanced leader but Putin and his boys have continued to walk all over him.
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Social/Off-Topic / what you eat for breakfast
16-08-2015, 04:06:58 AM
1x bowl kimchi  tofu
6x misc side dish
5x shot of Soju
2x ABC Beer
# 6
Rousey has done so much for MMA and has inspired the next generation of female fighters.
# 7
Social/Off-Topic / what you eat for breakfast
07-06-2015, 11:42:42 AM
1x milk coffee
1x noodles with beef n sprouts
# 8
yo I need some journal articles that are behind a paywall. If anyone can help me, it would be greatly appreciated.

# 9
what a disgrace
# 10
The first mistake you made was not buying the far superior Sennheiser HD600. Fact: Sennheiser spends almost all of its money on research and development and on delivery. Turtlebeach is all about marketing. You think you're saving turtles that are older than your grandmother when in fact you will toss out your pair of turtlebeach headphones after a few months and it will soon make its way into the ocean where a turtle might choke on it. You hopeless fool. The Sennheiser HD600 is high quality and that means it is also high durability.
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Social/Off-Topic / i cant stop pooping
13-09-2014, 05:56:45 AM
I had a two month bout where I couldn't stop pooping. Thank G-d that ordeal is all over
# 12
Dissident single handedly killed quality gaming.
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Gaming / CS:GO topic
17-08-2014, 12:28:41 PM

I know this old lady who spends all her money on scratcher tickets every month.
I should tell her to just bet on CSGO instead.
yeah great idea...

until you realize that betting on CSGO is putting your hard earned money into the pockets of major betting cartel whereas state run lotteries support local schools........

think about the social implications of your actions in the future, stupid buttfetcher
# 14
It is more or less impossible to find a genuine Windows installation disc or license key in Laos. The only way is to buy a computer or laptop in Vientiane with a 200% VAT. I have a lot of daily hassle because everyone uses bootleg copies of Windows XP and the copy protection cripples the product to the point of being almost unusable. I just want to install a nice clean linux distro with the capability to render the Lao script. But the Linux community has failed me and the six million people living in Laos even though most of the linux community, who come from Europe and north America, have directly benefited from the exploitation of the Lao people.
Maybe if the people weren't busy rebuilding their society after having more bombs dropped on them than the entirety of bombs used in WWII, they would've been able to make it for themselves.
Maybe if Lao people to this day weren't so busy trying to search and destroy unexploded American ordinance that kills many people every year, they could've made their own script for linux.
Maybe one of the many thousands of farmers, women, and children who accidentally stepped on a landmine dropped or planted by the US military would've already invented a Lao script for linux.

@Svetlana I am obviously not knowledgeable about this subject but I assume you need a manual or to read some literature about programming. I am unaware of any books on programming that are available in the Lao language.
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Feedback/Help / Why was Dr. Howell banned?
14-08-2014, 02:00:22 AM
If that were the real reason then you would've banned yourself a long time ago.
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