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He was a weeaboo, nothing of value was lost

# 2
call ej's house or accept cookies??

And it is with this 10th meaningless post in the help section that I lose my patience.

I'll stick with the SporeBase forums where users are actually helpful for once in their life.
# 3
Gaming / Re: My fav game's WINNER glitch!
02-01-2010, 00:10:28 AM
hank is better

:pika: blasphemy! Dean walks on water!
# 4
Gaming / Re: My fav game's WINNER glitch!
02-01-2010, 00:05:27 AM
Dean is soooo :winner: !
# 5
Youre name looks like one of a spambots


Guess I'll use a default avatar for now :/
# 6
It's probably the security measure kicking in. It does that to prevent weeaboos from having an enjoyable experience in the forums

How dare you! I'm an alien, not a weevil <.<

But seriously, why can't I change anything? D:

*Wants a sexy Kartikeya avatar*
# 7
Actually, I can't change anything with my account or profile whatsoever. I entered my password, but my display name is the same.
# 8
I cannot upload an avatar, make a sig, etc. I click save changes but it all goes blank.
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Gaming / My fav game's WINNER glitch!
01-01-2010, 23:41:54 PM
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