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Social/Off-Topic / hi
06-03-2018, 20:38:15 PM
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BROTRR Discussion / is this place dead
06-03-2018, 20:35:23 PM
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Gaming / played abzu and then i played journey
26-02-2018, 17:30:01 PM
I would like to know about the content you have published, can I learn by myself or have some good advice?
You want a WINNER advice? frick GAMESTOP
# 4
BROTRR Discussion / rigism poem
23-02-2018, 10:53:54 AM
I would read it but it would take me too long and I need to play BROTRR as much as possible
# 5
Gaming / Discord Server
21-02-2018, 04:29:57 AM
That invitation has expired, just let me in my dear BROTRRers </3
# 6
Social/Off-Topic / Am I LOSER ?
21-02-2018, 04:17:15 AM
Thanks, it hurted a lot and nobody even told me why but I feel better now.
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Social/Off-Topic / Am I LOSER ?
20-02-2018, 04:14:48 AM
I'm very loyal to the BROTRRerhood, why did you guys ban me from discord?
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Social/Off-Topic / hi
20-02-2018, 02:45:11 AM
# 9
Much appreciated my dear BROTRRer! :barneykiss:
# 10
Uhh I got two problems: I can't create shortcuts from the .res and also after replacing the win.bmp anyway and using the normal shortcut I got a weird death square after winning the race. It doesn't call me WINNER ! but ar least it doesn't call me WIN !
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# 12
oh no
# 13
you can replace the one file that has the graphic
I know but unlike BROTRR it's not a loose png in the game's folders
# 14
I love ZIGS too
# 15
Regardless of what the game says, the real WINNER will always be in your heart
Thanks but it still feels like the game is bullying me by calling me "WIN" and also it is still corrupted, I don't want a corrupted game, and especially if it one of Lord Stell's creations.
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