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Gaming / I like this screenshot
Today at 07:47:51
Are there damage physics
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Social/Off-Topic / Undisputed #1 poster
29-01-2023, 17:27:47 PM
doesn't zigs still have us beat by quite a bit if you include the old board (and gamefaqs I guess)
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Social/Off-Topic / Recommended Youtube videos
29-01-2023, 17:26:28 PM
This is a pretty good series of videos on how nuclear fusion works, why we're still so far from fusion power, why the NIF breakthrough wasn't really a big step forward, etc.  I had a little prior knowledge from my college studies but I didn't know 99% of the content here, and I felt like it was presented in a decently approachable manner.

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the mango jarritos is pretty bad
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I used to drink a lot, probably a couple of liters a day as well, but I have low blood pressure and a cardiologist told me to drink less water and add more salt to my food, so I've been trying to drink less.
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Social/Off-Topic / 1000 sup salute
29-01-2023, 17:21:06 PM
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Social/Off-Topic / Hand Health Thread
29-01-2023, 17:20:49 PM
my wrist got really messed up recently to the point that it was hard to type, but a wrist brace and some stretching helped a lot
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Seattle changed a lot during the pandemic.  Entire parks and highway underpasses became homeless encampments, to the point where you had to drive at single digit MPH to avoid hitting a tent on some parts.  The problem was always there, but the lack of traffic allowed those spaces to be taken over, forcing people to deal with it rather than continue ignoring it.  Unfortunately, that just led to more stupid punitive actions rather than any real meaningful change in a lot of cities.

They're all eminently livable places and any narrative that they're burned out hellholes is a joke.  I lived in Capitol Hill during the CHAZ/CHOP days and a few months after they tore all that down you wouldn't even know it happened, shops were open and it was a wonderful place to live (aside from the insanely barricaded police station to prevent another embarrassing takeover).
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Social/Off-Topic / ATTN: Rex
29-01-2023, 17:11:52 PM
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Social/Off-Topic / ATTN: Cirus
29-01-2023, 17:10:06 PM
they were spotted at Jan 6
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having a hawk would be cool

aren't owls just dumber hawks
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Sports / Portuguese master race
29-01-2023, 17:04:21 PM
it's not your fault, you're portuguese
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Gaming / Game Reviews: Super Mario 64 DS
29-01-2023, 16:59:10 PM
they're very talented
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