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# 31
is anyone going to be back on topic? :/
# 32
so anyone else want to comment on the funny incident in the vid?

where's RowdyTuesday when you need him?
# 33
so you're going to kill me too? what have I done to deserve it?
# 34
But i'm non-white.
# 35
I wonder what RowdyTuesday and the others have to say about this video. I was hoping for more robust discussion on something as potentially viral as my video.
# 36
calling him a "black guy" is probably pretty racist tbh

then what do you want me to call him?
# 37
awww no responses from other people? :(
# 38
well it was cheese pizza and i only passed by the store after i left a movie theatre to see if I had enough money to see Robocop and got a beef empanada on my way out and having little more than two dollars left, i went to the pizza store to get those two slices, even they weren't the best.

I still want to ask the store owners, because i'm curious and I felt like knowing what happened with the guy. And only by rewatching my vid several times today could I understand some of what the middle-eastern guys were saying that I didn't previously get, since the black guy's voice was much louder and drowning it out. As with every store, there should be a serviellance camera that has recorded the whole incident, but I am not sure if it has all the sound in it (if it does, that would have been fantastic).

I am personally not too sure if I should make such a documentary film, as it will only anger and upset more black viewers who are watching this and it can be a very racial and sensitive thing. Besides, it will take too much time and research.
# 39
^ I'm pretty glad you enjoyed, Bob Cobra (if i can remember who you were).

Yeah I only wish I could have recorded the whole thing if my smartphone hadn't run out of memory. And i had to be careful not to let the black guy see me or he'd steal/break my smartphone and possibly worse get angry with me and hit me or something. And I was in a very tight space, so all I could do was otherwise ignore and continue eating my two cheese pizza slices I got for a dollar each.

I told my "friend" that next Tuesday we should try and go back to that same pizza store (which is several blocks away from Times Square) and ask the pizza store owners about what happened after we left out of our curiosity. 
# 40
That is not a link.

I know, i'm sorry, it just happened to post in a video, i edited my post and now you can copy and past the link, just remove the brackets first.
# 41
Dear Klayotic,

I carnt seem to play the video.

Thank you.

here's the link you can use: <> (remove "<" and ">")
# 42
I was at this pizza store in Manhattan with another "friend" or acquaintance who looks south american, which goes by the name of "NYC Fried Chicken Corporation", last February and a rather unexpected yet hilarious event occurred:

A crazy black guy was asking me for spare money to get pizza and fried chicken, but i told him that i didn't have money (and he replied "that's okay") but soon after my "friend" told him to leave me alone or something and then the black guy was like "why you speaking up for him? he your boyfriend or something?" and then pestering him and the pizza store owners (whom happened to be muslim/middle-eastern) started telling the black guy to stop bothering "his customers" (which is us) and the black guy started to make racial jives at their muslim origin and culture by stating "you know your country don't like homosexuals right?" and even threatened to "get the immigration rally/council" on him and a fight starts and escalates.

i just tried to remain as calm and still as possible while eating my pizza and i managed to record only a minute of this incident (since my smartphone ran out of space unfortunately at the time) and had to get out for safety reasons and finish my pizza on the walk out.

here's the video and read the description for a bit more details as to what happened:
# 43
Social/Off-Topic / Hello again everyone...
14-02-2014, 18:23:29 PM
Hiya Klaytonic! Don't forget about the first three Die Hard films!

I already finished the whole Die Hard series last summer.

have you guys heard of Death Battle? Their newest episode coming up this weekend is Terminator vs Robocop.
# 44
Social/Off-Topic / Hello again everyone...
13-02-2014, 16:26:12 PM
It's me.

I just came back from this year's trip to Taiwan (which completes this decade's starting trilogy of trips from January 2012, June 2013, January to Feburary 2014) last sunday and just want to say hi to everyone!

I'm having jet lag, a cold, and great back pain.

and i just finished watching all Rocky movies, Riddick movies, and Machete movies when I was in Taiwan.

now i'm getting into old action movies like Terminator, Rambo, and Robocop. What's up y'all?
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Social/Off-Topic / Happy New Year people!
01-01-2014, 01:50:20 AM
happy new year's day everyone!

I was at the Billiard Room tonight. And watching the Rockin' Eve 2014 on TV, I'm glad to not see PSY again and just feel like this year's Rockin' Eve special can apparently return back to days and ways of the pre-Gangnam Style era.

And I was like "Whoo!" when I saw Jenny McCarthy kiss someone on TV.

And then I had my first taste of champagne (tastes pretty strong, but not bad). And I finished watching the rest of the second TMNT movie (which I should have finished a long time ago, but didn't) on my smartphone. And we all left.

Man every new year's day, it feels like your whole body/being just re-spawns from various locations and those in turn are considered the "starting" points or "center" points of your existence.

Kinda feel weird, doesn't it? Well I hope to start this year in a better way than I did last year. And in the mean time, I wonder what the next new year's eve/day will be like. Probably miserable at worst or decent at best. I'll be lucky to get anything above decent, even in a time where I'm already working on a job. 
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