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Social/Off-Topic / Hello guys...
25-07-2016, 18:23:44 PM
Just came back for another visit again....  :bidoof: :bidoof: :bidoof: :bidoof: :bidoof:

And I turned 25. Surprise Surprise.

What up my homeys?
# 17
Pro Wrestling / When Marnie Was There!
09-07-2015, 23:39:32 PM
anyone here who actually seen Marnie yet?
# 18
Pro Wrestling / When Marnie Was There!
07-07-2015, 14:46:03 PM
okay cool, now can anyone answer my question?
# 19
Pro Wrestling / When Marnie Was There!
05-07-2015, 23:17:15 PM
any thoughts on the character Marnie?

and just how gorgeous she is? this movie was based off a british children's novel you know.
# 20
Pro Wrestling / When Marnie Was There!
05-07-2015, 20:30:25 PM
why was my thread moved to pro wrestling?
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Pro Wrestling / When Marnie Was There!
20-06-2015, 00:27:56 AM
Once again, i decided to come here and post a new topic after a long while.

I just want to say that last week, I had the fine pleasure of going to Manhattan's IFC Center (with a friend) to see Ghibli's newest movie to ever come to our country's territory in cinema. And that was "When Marnie Was There".

But seriously whenever i think of the movie and the two characters Anna and Marnie (<3 <3 <3), the song "When I see you again" by Wiz Khalifa pops into my head.

It's the most  :stamp: movie I've seen this whole year.

and tomorrow i'm going to to the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island. and i plan to see Jurassic World, Terminator: Genisys, and maybe Ted 2 and Pixels soon.
# 22
BROTRR Discussion / Rigism and Hinduism
07-06-2014, 21:44:32 PM
since when does someone on this forum prefer something over Big Rigs?
# 23
thanks, but...

now that we're in the middle of the year, we should enjoy it while we can!
# 24
and my first full year out of college...

# 25
^ no i went with a parent. and only to find out what happened, with the results being "nothing much".
# 26
I just came back to the same pizza store yesterday afternoon. And I asked them what happened after that day... and they just say that they called the cops and the guy who harrassed them ran away and never came back. Too bad I didn't get to show one of the store owners (the same one that fought with the black guy in a verbal confrontation) the video i still captured on my smartphone since he was on the phone with his father, even though another one of the store owners (who is latino/hispanic) told me that he knew about the incident and that there were cameras in the halal pizza store.

Twas a fun time. But too bad it didn't conclude the way I expected it.
# 27

if i talk about whitesnake, will you guys try to comment more on the vid please?
# 28
please stay on topic people. or at least post something on-topic to go with your off-topic posts.
# 29
come on is anyone going to comment on the vid already.

do i have to enforce an off-topic posting OP here?
# 30
I am not here to promote racism, i'm only here to see comments on how funny this whole incident was. it's not everyday I get to record something like this.
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