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"when we become a country obsessed with numbers is when we cease to be a country of merit"
-john hancock (r-ma)

it has come to my attention that quantitative factors sucj as "post count" and "cool points" have begun to split us apart as a community. because of this i retreated to my haven chambers many times in 2010 and now i step into the sunshine and send you warmest regards and solutions. long story short we have to eliminate all the numbers

1. color coded post achievement cubes
all american high school history classes teach the story of the cuban missile crisis, when DEFCON was raised to level 2,
of course technology was less advanced back then, but scientists now understand that DEFCON was a colossal failure

one nation.... under DEFCON

why was DEFCON unsuccessful? let me count it out for you: 1 2 3 4 5, the numerical levels of fear. numbers are purely mechanical and hinder the free spirit, users with thousands of posts begin to shift the passion beacon in their hearts and retreat inward. they...change

this brings me to my first proposal, the elimination of numbers for post counting. this was inspired by the usa homeland security advisory scale of terror

note that this is not a FEAR INDEX, and there are no numbers. we can apply the same principle for posts. of course, for us it will depend on numbers, but these can be easily obscured from the populace. there are five levels

level RED - for first time posters
level BLACK - for low calorie posters
level GOLD - for posters in 250+
level BROWN - for millennium posters
level GREEN - for posters in excess

the exact scaling i will leave to the administrators but the colors must be exactly the same or it won't work

in a primitive numerical discussion tribe, hostility is commonplace. one may become so accustomed to mutual animosity that they wouldn't even recognize the problem until this point. this is why i have prepared the following diagram

a social bloodbath

as you can see, we are currently in a state of calculated anarchy. the gap between the prosperous and the pauperous is so wide. here is what could be under the new color coded post achievement cube system

the difference is easy to see. provided that negotiations are without its hiccups this system can be implemented in 5-8 days.
sign here if you agree: ____________

proposal 2:

comin' atcha soon!

thank you,
with love,
Get rid of the cool points too

all numbers must perish
bjorno the hedgehog
also, images for usernames
This is the greatest post I have ever seen

make this a reality
I want colours AND numbers!

also epileptic-inducing gifs everywhere
how about colors
I love your writing style. archive this plz
i mean pin teehee
5 colors is far too limited

Instead I propose a more comprehensive system:

Red (post count)
Green (cool points)
Blue (seniority)

the upper bound (256 or whatever you use) would be normalized to that of the highest current value, i.e. I have 256 Red, Cirus has 256 Blue.  The user's information panel would then be the RGB composite of these values, giving every member a unique, constantly changing color scheme.
bjorno the hedgehog
FA 9F A9
bjorno the hedgehog
My username would be boring and white as my post counts are near max, I have ~256 CP and I have been on this site forever.
What about good, honest Rigists who were cheated out of CP and only have 3 (ie Jemina)
they won't be green
i have to give diss props for that cool idea and i would like ej to seriously consider it
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