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Giving away my copy of BROTRR
I have an original copy of BROTRR, contains the original box, the game CD and install instructions paper. I'll ship it out to whomever wants it, I'll pay for the postage too. Just hoping it goes into a loving collectors hands, someone who appreciates it. Post in this thread & PM me and I'll get it moving to you. If you feel like it you can paypal me some money for the postage, but that's optional.

Here's a photo of my game:
Already given away. Thanks everyone!
you're welcome
bjorno the hedgehog
who gotit?
my pleasure
bjorno the hedgehog
I'm giving away my copy of the Codex Leicester
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Giving away NOTHING because I've already given enough

--- Quote from: bjorno the hedgehog on 21-10-2020, 02:48:09 AM ---
I'm giving away my copy of the Codex Leicester

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bjorno the hedgehog
give away my son and daughter to the mafia
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