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Alien: Covenant (no spoilers)
Watched this Friday night.  A bit slow to start, as sometimes the Alien films are when setting the scene and building story, but becomes very good later.  You find out A LOT more about the Alien race, where it came from etc.  The movie answers some questions but still leaves others unanswered, to be covered in the third film hopefully.  A lot more blood and gore in this when compared to Prometheus.  Worth watching.

I rate it  out of 

Cat Brush
Unless someone drags me along I'm sure I won't watch this till it's out of the theaters. I will ask this though: Is Ridley Scott broke? I refuse to believe that he really just had more that he needed to say about the "deep" lore of the Alien franchise.
bjorno the hedgehog
do they aliens have boobs
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