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Phoned a business 3 times on an 0871 number on my mobile and found I was charged 5.53 for it... bill wasn't paid automatically, noticed it just now.  Happened a couple of months ago.  Made a special one-off payment to clear the debt.  Thought I had been rumbled... can't phone 0871 numbers, lol.

Other than that scare, i'm still being charged 0 per month lol.  Getting a new phone very soon though.  I currently have a standard sim card, need a nano-sim for the new handset.  Seen a special sim cutter on Amazon for 6 (looks like a small paper hole-puncher), very high reviews, i'm going to buy it and try cutting my existing sim card with it.

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Call a lot of of sex lines

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hmmm, not thought of that...
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