New OFFICIAL Yourewinner Tablet
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tablets are dead
Long live tablets
dab... let's.........
Great article and something I've been thinking about for a while.................
First everyone thought the netbook was dead and now they think the tablet is dead, but guess what? They're both making a big comeback as the new Chromebook!

All the fun of a tablet with the full power of GNU/Linux underneath.

Wanna play the definitive version of Sonic 2? You can.
Wanna do full stack web development? You can.

Really brilliant idea from Google! And I really think these mobile-style apps are the future for PC too, but not the way M$ is currently doing it!  Better security because of sandboxing. Longer battery life because they don't hog all your resources when you're not using them.

Here is the Chromebook Flip. I hope it doesn't FLOP

@EJ @Skrag
bjorno the hedgehog
is it chili-resistant?
The Amazon Fire tablets are looking OK right now

I also need a new phone, thinking the Motorola G4 (purchase outright, along with my current cheap contract)
...well, when i say cheap...

There's something I hesitate to say, because I don't want to let the cat out of the bag so to speak, but i doubt there are any TalkTalk employees here at YW anyway, so...

Something has happened with the billing on my contract, and i've literally paid 0 for about 8 months now.  It all started when TalkTalk was hacked by a couple of teenagers for a laugh (they were caught, and no important data was stolen - so i've been told anyway); TalkTalk gave me a one year free mobile phone contract as a way of saying "thanks" for staying with them, but when the contract expired this February, every bill has still been 0, no matter how many phone calls etc I make
fetching hell that's great, keep it up
Actually wouldn't it probably be noticed when you get a new phone? Or can you just put your sim card in without any trouble?
I guess it's true what they say......

 TalkTalk is cheap
the sim card I have is a large-sized one, and yeah if I buy this Motorola phone i'll have to ask TalkTalk for a smaller sim card.  I'm just wondering if/when they do find out, they'll give me a large back-dated bill, so i'm trying to be careful with it still.  but right now, it's great 
You can just cut it broseph it's pretty easy to do
It's true, I cut mine and it works fine, although I cut it using a special tool, not scissors
i've done it a few times with scissors it's pretty hard to mess up. Just take your time Skrag!
I heard it works best if you use a katana
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