How to make the best out of Windows 8.1
Any tips would be appreciated.   
use it to burn a linux live CD

overwrite it with linux

This is the only thing you need
Be patient, the year of the Linux desktop is right around the corner!

2012 Richard Stallman, Gabe Newell, and Notch calll Windows 8 a Catastrophe
2013 Steam for Linux released
2014 Steam Machines announced
2014 A LOT of talk about improving OpenGL so that it can be better than Direct3D once again
2014 WWE Network and Netflix support Linux
2014 systemd finally gets adopted by Debian and Ubuntu, standardizing all the Linux distros in a way that the LSB and FHS never managed to
2014 Over 800 Linux games
2014 Microsoft gets scared, lets OEM touch the user experience FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER and release a "Steam Machine" with Windows 8 that boots into Steam BPM instead of Metro. It was a huge flop
2015 Year of the First fully sandboxed Linux app, enhancing security and putting an end to dependency hell
2015 Valve/Kronos announce glNext AKA Vulkan, the next-get graphics API based on AMD Mantle
2015 Steam Machines launch
2015 Over 1000 Linux games on Steam (Expected around April)
2015 Snowden reveals that Microsoft IS the NSA!!!
2015 ????
2016 Year of the Linux desktop
2017 I fart
Classic Shell

That's all you need to have the best desktop OS.

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This is the only thing you need

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bjorno the hedgehog
8.1 is already perfect
windows 8(.1) is stupid
8.1 is such an improvement over 7
bjorno the hedgehog
there are some small issue with how the metro apps work, but they all suck anyways so it doesnt really matter!!!
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