Help with purchasing a new DVD player

A rarely even switch on my TV these days, but I want to buy a decent DVD/Blueray player for it.  It needs to:

- have a usb port
- be able to play movies direct from an external HDD or memory stick via USB
- be able to play a wide range of video formats via USB, especially .MKV / AVC, AVI and MP4
- be multi-region, so it'll play both US and European DVDs/Bluerays

Any suggestions would be appreciated 
Most (all?) current Bluray players have this DRM called Cinavia that will prevent you from watching pirated bluray rips off a hard drive.
You may still be able to find one without it, but I don't know what to recommend.

If you're okay with JUST playing DVD/Bluray rips from a USB hard drive I'd recommend something like an RPi or WDTV Live player
A TV live player looks good.  I'll have to check if the TV has more than one HDMI port though.

Thanks @steev
bjorno the hedgehog
get a ps2
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