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Thanks everyone for some input! I agree with all of them except maybe North Korea.

Australia is another country that is better than the United States for a number of reasons.

And wow Svet that is a cool building, I like the wavy architecture and the concrete that juts out to make a shutter appearance. They do need to fix up the roof with some plants and lawnchairs and fix the paintjob though. I'd love to visit Sao Paulo sometime. Are you familiar with the Torre Agbar in Spain? It's another cool building but it does look a bit like a male reproductive organ used for procreation within a species.

Some day i'd like to join a forum of Portuguese trolls and learn Portuguese so I can converse much more intelligently about Brasil to Brasilian people. I'd like to now, but i'm scared they'd act arrogant and superior to me for not being good at their language. It is a pretty worthless language spoken by only 2 countries and several provinces in Africa, and maybe a few poo pooty islands in asia that time has long since forgotten, so I hope they will cut me some slack for not knowing it, unlike Spanish or French or English which are legit languages and used the world over.

#17 08-03-2013, 13:38:28 PM
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i'll just say good find and yeah I hope you all agree with me that that is a beautiful building and good example of Brasilian architecture.

Well Brazil may have the best buildings but Portugal has the best statues/monuments!

#18 08-03-2013, 13:40:07 PM
I have a feeling that girl by the statue is hot as hell if she turns around.

Man, women from Portugal are my soft spot. Not Brazilian women though (we all know how the Ronaldo hotel story turned out)

#19 08-03-2013, 14:06:04 PM
Germany: despite getting their asses kicked by the US in two world wars they still end up with a powerful hold over the rest of Europe (though it's via the EU institutions instead of with COLD HARD FISTS), possess strong manufacturing and service sectors while the US's own manufacturing sectors flounder, their beer is far superior, they have a forward-thinking energy policy that doesn't revolve around burning the poo poo out of everything, plus they have castles and everyone knows castles are awesome

#20 08-03-2013, 14:12:39 PM
I cannot agree with this enough. They also make very good sausages including currywurst, and their women are generally very attractive and fun to go out with.

#21 08-03-2013, 15:14:41 PM
Switzerland: consociationalist own-zone compared to US adversarial two-party politics, citizenry actively involved in law and policy formulation through direct voting with high voter turnouts, far tamer gun culture, like Germany also has more stable mix of manufacturing / financial services / high-tech industry, is better than the US on environmental records (such as recycling rates, CO2-less power generation, and other measures), BEER AND CASTLES, and of course True Neutral alignment

#22 08-03-2013, 15:17:55 PM
Bermuda: Best island to live on, owned by the UK (which automatically makes it rule) , one of the highest costs of, standards of living and also high paying jobs in the financial sector. It's so nice that the UK had to stop just letting people move there, even UK citizens need to go through a process now. Also, pink sand beaches.

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Give someone their own board, encourage thoughtful conversation, and let there be free debate amongst all.
That is what a good admin does.

Skrag and I best admins 2013

I am a very jealous and hateful man, but I support you and this message board/sub forum.

^ Diceman edited this post, too.

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Wait svetlana is that building really just called the Building?????????????????????????????

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