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# 61
Social/Off-Topic / zigs being zigs
22-04-2012, 20:55:06 PM
Never tell your password to anyone.
ZIGS: Tens uma Wii?
-TKC- Svetlana: "uma wii"?
-TKC- Svetlana: tinha que ser português mesmo
-TKC- Svetlana: tenho
ZIGS: Como eu digo é que é a maneira correcta, deal with it >:)
-TKC- Svetlana: deixa de ser português, zigs
ZIGS: Dão dá
-TKC- Svetlana:
ZIGS: Estou a tentar usar este emulador de gamecube/Wii mas fixa sempre parado num ecrã que diz "connect the nunchuk to the wii remote", não sei o que fazer. Já tenho o meu gamepad configurado mas não sai daqui
-TKC- Svetlana: ecrã
-TKC- Svetlana: fixa
-TKC- Svetlana: "estou a tentar"
-TKC- Svetlana: puta merda como você é português
ZIGS: Right, is this better?
-TKC- Svetlana: how is me having a wii supposed to help you run an emulator
ZIGS: Have any idea on how to solve this?
ZIGS: I dunno, thoguht it was worth a shot
ZIGS: So you got nothing?
-TKC- Svetlana: plug in a nunchuck
ZIGS: I don't have one, I'm trying to use a gamepad configured as a gamecube pad (which I already did)
ZIGS: But it's stuck on that screen
-TKC- Svetlana: gamecube pad != having a nunchuck attached
-TKC- Svetlana: what game is it
ZIGS: Resident Evil 4
-TKC- Svetlana: it clearly wants wiimore+nunchuck, not gamecube pad
-TKC- Svetlana: wiimote*
ZIGS: I'll try configuring it as a wiimote
-TKC- Svetlana: it sounds like you're being a zigs as usual
ZIGS: Oh yeah? Well you're being a... poopy head!!
ZIGS: owned
ZIGS: fetch this
ZIGS: Too much trouble
ZIGS: Thanks for NOTHING!
-TKC- Svetlana: just buy a wii
-TKC- Svetlana: you idiot
-TKC- Svetlana: i'm not tech support
ZIGS: no
# 62
making these makes me feel nice and i'm glad people like them

i take requests
# 63
alternative titles:
Everyday I'm Ghostbustin'
Everyday I'm Megablastin'
Everyday I'm Buck Bumblin'
Everyday I'm Jabdah
Everyday I'm Haddaway

Bill Nye the Science Guy theme song
Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters
Bomb the Bass - Megablast (Hip Hop in Precinct 13)
Buck Bumble OST - Title screen
Koto - Jabdah
Haddaway - What is Love
# 64
Social/Off-Topic / HEY CIRUS
09-09-2009, 17:09:59 PM

# 65
Gaming / Treasure Hunt 2
26-08-2009, 22:03:06 PM
Here's the deal: Thunder's been fetching this poo poo up calling himself a programmer for too long, I can't stand it anymore and I want to show him what a REAL game is, made with effort and awesome.

Thing is, the game's not finished!
So I need your help to decide whether to release it or not, in its current state, for some of the BROs (inquire within (aka by pm)) to test it and tell me what they think of it.

Or, if it should be open for everyone (I would just ask you guys to not spam it everywhere on the net, keep it silent)

Or, if not at all. That's not even fun.

Either way, I just wanted to show you how TH2 is coming along, but since I don't have a level designer (and I myself suck at making levels), this game might not be finished for a LONG time, and I'm not exactly in the mood for looking around for people to help me with it (drop me a line if you play the game and thing you're up for the job), or for it to get finished.

In closing, make your choice, and when we get enough results I'll edit this first post with the instructions for downloading/playing the game, according to the decision that has been made.

And for good measure, the original 2004 Treasure Hunt, which is freely available.
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