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Gaming / i have a 3ds now
13-09-2013, 22:34:59 PM
it's rare when i get to not have to wait 20 years after a console's release to own it

here is my friendcode 2509-2012-4684
so far i have only animal crossing new leaf and an R4 which plays DS games
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Feedback/Help / ATTN: steev
16-06-2013, 14:56:05 PM
[05:45] <~Cirus> make a hipster rating Svetlana
[05:45] <+Svetlana> hhhhh
[05:46] <+Svetlana> i'll make a hipster rating
[05:46] <+Svetlana> in mY BED!!!!!
[05:46] <+Svetlana> because i'm going to sleep
[05:46] <+Svetlana> good night
[05:46] <~Cirus> okay
[05:46] <~Cirus> as long as you make it
[05:46] <+Svetlana> i'll make sometthing tomorrow
[05:46] <+Svetlana> godngiht

[14:57] <+Svetlana> i tried drawing a starbucks cup and then resizing it to 15x15 but it looks like poo poo
[15:00] <+Svetlana> Cirus
[15:00] <+Svetlana> can you tell this is a starbucks coffee
[15:01] <+Highly> ya
[15:01] <+Dissident> Do hipsters go to Starbucks
[15:01] <+Svetlana> i think so
[15:01] <+Svetlana> isn't that like
[15:01] <+Svetlana> their thing

[15:54] <~Cirus> Svetlana, that's good
[15:54] <~Cirus> post it and tell steev to add it
[15:54] <+Svetlana> ok
[15:54] <~Cirus> copy paste this as proof of my approval
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Alamogordo’s city commission has approved a deal to allow a film production company to dig in a legendary landfill where Atari reportedly buried games and consoles in 1983.
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STEEV'S KORNER ! / i found steev's computer
25-05-2013, 15:36:24 PM
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it finally happened!!

i tried to download a program that downloads songs from groveshark and it just didn't work at all (the installation program didn't even finish and i had to terminate it)

now firefox has this stupid google ripoff stuck as homepage which keeps getting reset when i try to change it, i couldn't find anything the install software could've installed
i'm running a malwarebytes full scan as we speak

if that doesn't fix it i have registry backups and if that doesn't fix it i've been thinking about formatting my computer anyway

when is the next format your computer day ????? it would come in handy
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my parents thought i should have a car since i have a license ??? so i can go to all the nowhere i have to go to comfortably i guess

this is the car

what do you think
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Gaming / road redemption
12-04-2013, 18:14:59 PM
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Gaming / fresh from thunder
28-03-2013, 20:50:25 PM
jew hunter

a free copy of invasion of the squares or whatever

EDIT: sorry thunder i can't edit my post to remove the link
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Svetlana for America / brazil sucks
10-03-2013, 22:37:59 PM
brazil is dumb and stupid for many reasons i can't really think of right now because it's too late and i'm tired!!!

the government sucks and because of them everything is expensive and nobody has money

in america people at least can buy things and still have enough money for food and not dying!!
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Gaming / Tetris DS topic
06-03-2013, 11:38:40 AM
Let's play Tetris DS!!!

This is my friend code:
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