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I go to a bar with Maddox?

male reproductive organ used for procreation within a species ppo drunk fart poo poo cocks etc, etc  :roddy:
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Social/Off-Topic / RIP Aaron Swartz
12-01-2013, 05:30:20 AM
now if we can only convince reddit to off itself  :roddy:

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So Maxis has been releasing tidbits of information about sim city 5 at CES, and the glassbox engine they're describing actually looks extremely promising. I'll summarize some quick differences between previous versions of the games.

The most immediate difference is in processing ability. Back when sim city 4 came out (Jan. 2003) processing and graphics limitations prevented the developers from creating a true simulation, and they had to use more "smoke and mirrors"[1] methods to create more of a pseudo simulation.

Since it's 2013 and our cellphones are now more powerful than the average computer in 2003, Maxis realized they could do a lot more. According the the layman description of the GlassBox engine, it's essentially a game engine built on top of an extremely powerful artificial intelligence network engine. At any given moment there will be thousands of individual AI agents interacting with each other in a vast network[1] Paragraph 3 (AI agents will not only include citizens, but also include buildings where different functions of specific buildings will run as individual AI systems, giving each building a completely unique makeup and function). The really spectacular claim is that all of this interaction is done in real time on compatible PC systems.

What this means is that instead of a pseudo-simulation environment, you have a completely dynamic, adaptable, and unique city. This will result in much more interesting infrastructure dynamics, and will make designing roads and transportation systems much more challenging, rewarding, and realistic.

Also, according to the most recent video [2], the full 3D rendering of the game wont drastically effect the scope or size of rendered cities.

I was skeptical about Sim City 5 until I read about their new engine, and I think that even though both Maxis and EA have been unicorning up (Spore), I think they may actually do something really cool with this game. Jizz on my face male reproductive organ used for procreation within a species fart dick cum.

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Social/Off-Topic / Youre Christmas!
25-12-2012, 23:15:34 PM

All I have to brag about is the GLORIOUS
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Is there any way to get my phone to automatically archive conversations and back them up online? I'd prefer to have one that did it as texts came in.
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Social/Off-Topic / FINALS ARE OVER
13-12-2012, 16:03:57 PM
So I know a lot of people here go to college including me, and it's nice that they are over. Good to have a break from being a slave to the system.

What are your plans for the break? How long is your break? Mine is 3 weeks, definitely enough time to log hundreds of hours in Chivalry.

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I am curious because i think i am dying  :roddy:
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I believe there needs to be more post ratings in the forum. It was going well for a while after cirus berated us for not putting enough ratings everywhere, but it has been and is slowing down.

To gain more momentum and ensure consistent post ratings I propose that we ask Steev to implement an incentive to rating a post. Something like 0.50 - 1.00 rigcoins, something small enough to not be ridiculous yet large enough that it provides a sizable benefit to rating every single post you see. It would be a once-per-post thing so if you decided to re-rate a post you wouldn't get paid again.

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Ask Svetlana / how poo pooty is Brazil?
05-11-2012, 20:28:54 PM
Pop culture would have me believe it's a poo poo hole full of tin shacks and brown people who suck at F2P multiplayer games. How true is this representation?
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do you think that if i wear tight jeans for the rest of my life I will never outgrow the size of my container? like goldfish?
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do you execute 20 mentally challenged people?
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Balance must be achieved to ensure stability in the universe  :bidoof:
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