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Announcements / Sad news: Oct 20, 2020
29-10-2020, 10:42:48 AM
Nobody's bought yours yet
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Announcements / Sad news: Oct 20, 2020
20-10-2020, 20:40:17 PM
In 2005 I started posting on the BROTRR GameFAQs forum not expecting it would be anything significant. After having several accounts banned for being too good of a poster, I decided that I needed to make my own forum and made the original BR&R InvisionFree forum that has been lost to time. In 2007 I looked into hosting the forum on my own and after a lot of issues and huge contributions from people much better at design and code than myself, we created the SMF board that has somehow survived to this day. There were a lot of experiments both good (wiki) and bad (imageboard) but the main forum has largely remained the same. Unfortunately, like most small forums there's really no activity here anymore. Between the easy personal blogs and convenient services like Discord there's little reason to post on sites like this.

I never expected to make so many lifelong friends from a video game forum but I have and that makes me sentimental for the many years of my life I've spent posting here. I've met so many people, first through Rigcon but even earlier this year I was able to meet up with Joe for the first time. I'd like to think that some other people were able to get some of the enjoyment from this place that I did. Aside from a handful of generous donations I've paid for the hosting and domain out of my own pocket for 13 years. I'm afraid to figure out exactly how much money that was. Despite all of the memories, I've known there would come a day where I have to accept that this site won't be around forever.

Today, I'm sad to announce that I'm still too dumb to stop paying for hosting and I have no plans to do so any time soon. All 10 users can continue to make their monthly post and rest assured that several thousand bots will read each and every one.

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Adminiature Art Hour / Miniatures I've Painted
20-10-2020, 19:58:34 PM
I started painting minis around a month ago, I'm having way more fun than I expected.  also excellent big nid

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Have you watched End of Evangelion yet?
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Social/Off-Topic / 500 hi salute
06-10-2020, 19:52:12 PM
# 36
Dear Meep,

I hope this post finds you well.

The forum has been declining for years. I don't believe that there's any correlation between your posts and this site being dead.

Let me know if you have more thoughts on the subject.

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Social/Off-Topic / Best Community?
29-06-2020, 22:51:37 PM
 :mj: :thumbsup:
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Social/Off-Topic / Classic Youtube Poop thread
18-06-2020, 14:38:00 PM

This is the only one I remember watching any of
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Who needs porn when you're already being fetched by the Lennon estate
# 40
Put it on Pornhub like a normal person
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I'm glad I watched this video while I could
# 42
Well clearly someone did
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Gaming / Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
03-06-2020, 23:10:22 PM
Tournaments are balanced
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Gaming / Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
03-06-2020, 20:44:04 PM
good to see they're maintaining the "five year old game" aesthetic

those sound effects sound totally not 6 years old

They're placeholders

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Social/Off-Topic / Big Rona Checkin
03-06-2020, 20:40:18 PM
How are things going Meep

I wanna lay down and not wake up. Base level edgy I know but honestly frick it all.

And for the record I'm not the one putting the baby or feces post ratings on your or anyone's posts. I only give positive vibes on posts.


Yeah I can empathize with that. Things in the world certainly haven't improved over the last 10 days either
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